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Jun 25, 2010 08:14 PM

Hunting for Specific Vegan Items

So, I've found myself totally and completely unable to find one of my staple fridge items in our grocery store anymore - the "Rice Grated Topping" from Galaxy Foods ( I'd settle for their "Vegan" grated parm too, but no dice. Called Big Carrot and they don't have it either, carries it but I didn't really want to order online... can anyone help?

The other thing I've been searching for is the Tofurky "Smoky Maple Bacon" tempeh strips ( I vaguely remember seeing them at Evergreen on Roncesvalles but I'm not entirely sure - I'm a Durhamite so trips into the city are few and far between!

If anyone can point me to a source for either of these I'd be so grateful!! If you're in the area I can bring you some blueberry pie in payment (been dying to make some haha)!


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  1. Most health stores I've been to usually carry those marinated tempeh strips. I usually buy mine at Kensington Market, at Essence of Life. But, that's in the city so I guess that'll be a bit hard for you to get to =/

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    1. re: Sheikah

      I was hoping Essence would have it - I'm willing to trek in! Thanks.

      1. re: jo_jo_ba

        Don't worry, they have it for sure! Cheapest prices that I've found in the city, so far, as well - $3.39 per package!

          1. re: Sheikah

            I can confirm this as I just bought some last week. Prefer the curry marinated ones though :)

      2. You can try Ambrosia in Thornhill at Yonge & Doncaster.

        1. Picked up the Galaxy Foods' vegan parm at Panacea on Saturday. Can't recall whether they had the rice cheese, Have you tried tthe Daiya cheeses (mozzarella and cheddar)? The best vegan cheese out there IMO.

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          1. re: jeffs101

            I actually found the parm at Superstore this weekend - they sporadically started stocking it again (go figure), and they have the sesame-garlic strips, so I might try those... never had tempeh before so I don't know what I'm in for!

            Thanks for your help though, I would love to hit Panacea sometime too.

            1. re: jo_jo_ba

              Tempeh is absolutely amazing!!! I'm not vegan nor am I vegetarian, but I very happily include this wonderful soy product to my protein menu :D

          2. FYI the Big Carrot doesn't sell anything that is GMO, so some vegan staples can't be found there. I actually think that is an awesome policy but the carrot is just too pricy for me. Essence of Life has the best prices for "health food" in Toronto, bar none. Loving the big $10 tubs of Earth Balance!