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Jun 25, 2010 08:02 PM

Tortellini fillings

We're making tortellini tomorrow, looking for good recipes for fillings. Thinking I'd like to make a walnut filling and maybe something with pork. Any hounds have some good recipes?

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    1. I was just in Italy and had some homemade tortelloni with swordfish filling. The filling seemed very plain, but the sauce was made with fresh tomatoes and basil as well as tiny cubes of swordfish. It was delicious, very simple and very fresh.

      1. ground chicken or pork with apple, onion and sage

        four cheese and sundried tomatoes - mozzarella, parmesan, romano, and ricotta, and some basil

        for dessert, a chocolate and hazelnut filling.
        or apricot with cinnamon and vanilla

        1. Cremini, shiitake and rehydrated dried porcini, finely minced ( you can do this in the FP) and sauteed with leeks, garlic and thyme, until the mushroom liquid evaporates, combine the mushroom pate with grated Parmesan and season well.

          Ricotta-artichoke, you can use defrosted frozen or canned minced artichoke hearts, thyme, sauteed garlic, lemon zest and Pecorino, season brightly with fresh parsley and a little nutmeg.