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Jun 25, 2010 06:40 PM

Need Quick help for Tomorrow-CT


Going to a 2pm matinee in NYC tomorrow. Would like to have dinner in Ct on the way home, we live north of New Haven. Looking for something in the Westport, Norwalk area. Want "smart casual" and great food!
Any recommendations?


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  1. Because it will take you an hour into the city then parking and getting to the 2:00 curtain you need to leave Norwalk area 12:30, no later. With that in mind, maybe brunch at Nicholas Roberts in Norwalk. Very inventive and not too heavy before a matinee. Get there around 11::15-1130. Caveat -- no reservations.

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      OP was looking for a dinner rec....

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        Nicholas Roberts is a great dinner place as well!

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          Yes, I meant to say that as I ended my post! And they are open for dinner on sundays...

    2. We were in the same situation and stopped at The Dressing Room in Westport. It was very, very good and perfect for our needs. It's got a wide-ranging menu, impeccably fresh food exhaustively sourced and creatively prepared and served. Great meats, lots of vegetable dishes, and lots of small plates, too. Just keep your eye on the prices as your order. They can add up. (The vibe was only slightly holier-than-thou - not bad for Westport.)

      Dressing Room
      27 Powers Court, Westport, CT 06880

      1. "Melting Pot" in Darien is always a good time - casual, fun and great food.

        Check your tickets - most Sunday matiness in the city are at 3.
        Have fun!

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          Are you kidding me? Melting Pot is a chain fondue joint that serves horrible, overpriced fondues. I think Ten Twenty Post in Darien would be more suitable - nice concise menu of French bistro fare with some American style dishes thrown in. Think moules frites, nice salades, chicken, steak frites etc. and many of the dishes are a lot less expensive than what Melting Pot charges.

          If you want Indian, go to Coromandel in Darien or SoNo. If you want Asian fusion, try Tengda in Westport. They are a mini-chain in that they also have locations in Darien and Greenwich.

          25 Old Kings Hwy N Ste 11, Darien, CT 06820

          Ten Twenty Restaurant
          Darien, CT, Darien, CT