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Jun 25, 2010 06:13 PM

Karma -- bad luck will definitely go your way if you eat there

So, I went to the new pub Karma (on Queen Street East; just east of Woodbine) on opening night on Thursday. Boy, was I disappointed. The place is clearly experiencing some sort of schizophrenia. It doesn't know what it wants to be. It claims to create a karmic experience - with a tiny outdoor waterfall out front, and pithy karmic sayings on blackboards inside the restaurant. But at the same time the maitre-di was clearly preoccupied, and could barely show us to our table (which, incidentally, didn't fit well into the patio window they guided us to -- it was too big).

Worst part is the crazy, loud, heavy-metal 80s tunes they blare out of the speakers. It felt like the place belonged in Parry Sound (no offence, Parry Sound) -- rather than in the Beaches! Doesn't this place realize the geography where're they're at? This is a neighbourhood with lots of 30 something people with kids -- lots of people are looking for a family-friendly restaurant! This is not it.

I really wanted to like this place and may try returning -- we wanted to have a meal but the music was just too loud. Drinks were mediocre -- we had a few beers on tap that were meh. I really hope this place improves its karmic energy -- we do need a new bar on queen that can be our 'local' and I'm hoping that this place recognizes its problems and improves!

ps: for some reason on the top floor they keep a door open to a dirty closet that all and sundry can see as they walk in. Surely on opening night they could have fixed this?

pps: I found our waitress surly and a bit obnoxious (correcting me when I ordered, etc). There are a lot of wait staff at this place which is great, but I would encourage the manager to remind the waitresses that the customer is always right!

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  1. Not everyone would agree that what the "Beach" needs is another family friendly resto. What they need are more good dining options.

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        I'm with you guys. I don't want to see a family-friendly restaurant. You can go to Licks if you want that, right? Truth is, though, that this place just doesn't give you a new dining experience in the Beaches. I'm all for new options -- but this place isn't so different from Quigley's, or Lion on the Beach. It's kinda the same-old, same-old.

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