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Jun 25, 2010 06:08 PM

Belgian Beer Glasses

Anyone know of anywhere I can buy Belgian-style beer glasses in the SF Bay Area? Checked out local Bev-Mo and they didn't have any. Thanks.

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  1. I acquired all of my Belgian glasses either from breweries (e.g. Russian River) or because they were included as part of pre-packaged gifts accompanying a bottle of Chimay etc.

    If you can get up to Russian River they usually have a fair amount for sale stacked all the way to the left as you face the bar.

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    1. Try ordering them from They have a ton of them and were reasonably quick to ship them.

      1. I'd seen some for sale at Whole Foods (the Oakland one, in particular, but I assume other branches might stock them as well).

        1. BevMo is a joke. I'd try calling City Beer in SF and Ledgers Liquors in Berkeley.

          1. Exactly what kind of "Belgian-style" beer glass are you looking for? (Trappist glass, tulip, etc.) Belgians don't drink every style of beer out of the same type of glass.

            I found my Duvel tulip at the Bevmo on Geary a couple of years ago. $5.