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Belgian Beer Glasses

Anyone know of anywhere I can buy Belgian-style beer glasses in the SF Bay Area? Checked out local Bev-Mo and they didn't have any. Thanks.

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  1. I acquired all of my Belgian glasses either from breweries (e.g. Russian River) or because they were included as part of pre-packaged gifts accompanying a bottle of Chimay etc.

    If you can get up to Russian River they usually have a fair amount for sale stacked all the way to the left as you face the bar.

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    1. Try ordering them from globalbeer.com. They have a ton of them and were reasonably quick to ship them.

      1. I'd seen some for sale at Whole Foods (the Oakland one, in particular, but I assume other branches might stock them as well).

        1. BevMo is a joke. I'd try calling City Beer in SF and Ledgers Liquors in Berkeley.

          1. Exactly what kind of "Belgian-style" beer glass are you looking for? (Trappist glass, tulip, etc.) Belgians don't drink every style of beer out of the same type of glass.

            I found my Duvel tulip at the Bevmo on Geary a couple of years ago. $5.

            1. Thanks to everyone for all the info. I'm looking for a variety of different styles of glasses and will try your suggestions.

              1. Plumpjack on 24th and Noe has some.

                1. I'd put good money that Healthy Spirits in SF (15th and Castro) has the best in-person selection of beer glassware in the bay area. Their beer selection is on par with City Beer Store or anywhere else around too, but it's quiet and off the beaten path.


                  City Beer Store
                  1168 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

                  Healthy Spirits
                  2299 15th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

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                    +1 for Healthy Spirits. They also have staff that is very knowledgeable about beer.

                    Healthy Spirits
                    2299 15th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

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                      Healthy spirits has glasses and great belgian beer, plus a knowledgeable beer buyer. Highly recommended

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                        I've never been there, but I'll have to check it out. I recently ordered some insulated glasses from www.mimuno.com for drinking beer at home. They're beautiful and really show off the color of the white Belgians I've been trying. The best part is that they keep the beer cold, but don't chill your hands. It's kind of like a tervis tumbler, but a little fancier.