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Jun 25, 2010 05:49 PM

Reading a book while sitting alone at the bar...yay or nay?!!

I found myself doing this again tonight...after work I stopped by a downtown bar for a few beers on the way home (don't worry, I take the subway, I don't drive) and sat at the bar reading my book while enjoying my drinks.

Someone once told me people that "don't read at the bar", that it looks strange. C'mon, it's ok, right? The bartender seemed cool with it. (Plus, didn't Diane Keaton do it in Goodbar?). I just don't want to think that other people in the bar are snickering at me.

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    1. re: bluemoon4515

      I agree--nothing wrong with reading at the bar. In fact, beers and a book are a delightfully civilized way to unwind!

      1. I can think of no situation, in which one is not interacting with or listening to another person, where reading a book would be inappropriate. In fact, I wish more of those people yakking on their cell phones would pick up a book instead. And, when I was single, I accorded prospective dates automatic points if I saw them reading a book;)

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        1. re: visciole

          Good points, thanks. I agree about the cell phones.

        2. WTH? If you're quietly reading a book, you cannot be disturbing anyone. If someone says otherwise, I suggest you pop them one in the snoot.

          1. I think that anybody who gets bothered by a stranger quietly reading in a bar needs to find themselves some real problems to worry about.

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