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Jun 25, 2010 05:41 PM

Are You In CA? Is there a Costco near you? Unbelievable $14.99 red....

Below are the comments from the Wine Spectator about the 2007 Quinta Do Vallado from Portugal. A 93 point red. I just bought a bottle of this from the Costco in Marina Del Rey, CA for $14.99. It is, simply, an unbelievably powerful, full bodied, mouth coating, jammy almost port of a wine! From time to time I've posted about values that I've found, some with seemingly unbounded hyperbole! I really don't think I can find hyperbole to describe this value (although I will try!). On top of this the Wine Spectator gives their '97 Reserve 96 points-I bought two cases of this from the Chicago Wine Company as a future back in January for $37. Now it's $65-70 or so for a best price-if you can find it. I note this because I opened a bottle of the Reserve when I took delivery a month ago. The "non reserve," the $14.99 Costco wine, I swear is as good.

WineZap shows this as a $20+ wine everywhere, even up to $30 or so. Anyone who wanders into a Costco and sees this should buy every bottle they have at $14.99.

I am now going to pour another glass. I live in the suburbs of Washington, D. C. and am jealous of the Californians who can buy a case or two of this. My guess is that it hasn't found it's way East yet.

Douro 2007
Score: 93
Release Price: $19
Country: Portugal
Region: Portugal
Issue: Feb 28, 2010

This powerful and refined red delivers concentrated flavors of plum, dried cherry and spice. Offers a fine texture, with plenty of savory herbal notes, followed by a long, olive- and smoke-filled finish. Drink now through 2015. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 15,833 cases made. –KM

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  1. Great value for this wine. We stocked up on this a few months ago, and then the Marina Costco was out. Now it's back again, and we're stocking up again! Other than the somewhat brighter colored label, it's a sleeper in wine section - I hope it stays that way!

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      Found it locally @ the Wegman's near Dulles for $23.99.

      1. re: Joe H

        I went by Costco in Marina del Rey yesterday to refill. The bins that were full on Friday were empty. I guess lots of folks are catching on to this wine. I didn't see anyone working the wine section so I don't know if they'll be getting more. I'd better treat my last three bottles with some endearment until then...

        1. re: bulavinaka

          bulavinka, when I went to the Costco near me today (Washington, D. C. area) they did a search to find the Costco number and as part of this the wine turned up at the Costco in Torrance. No idea if it will still be there tomorrow but at three in the afternoon your time they still had several cases. Having bought three bottles at $23.99 (to suppliment what I could carry back for $14.99) I believe this is worth the search.

          1. re: Joe H

            Thank you for the heads-up. My wife just might be down that way tomorrow!

    2. Joe & Bulavinaka,

      FYI - I just picked this up last night at the Fountain Valley, CA Costco.

      They had several bottles.

      Thanks for the recommendation!


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      1. re: HB_Jeff

        I was just at the Sunnyvale store, couldn't find it and the Costco employee never heard of it. :-(

      2. Joe - I'm glad you found a wine you love for a great price. But I am amazed at how point- and dollar-centric your post is.

        So I'm quite curious: did you use the points and price because as persuasion points to quickly communicate that you believe this is a real bargain, or are you a "point" hunter?

        Don't mean to offend in any way, just curious.

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        1. re: kaysyrahsyrah

          kaysyrahsyrah, it is not about the WS or WA points; rather, I note these for a kind of credibility for those on this board who do not know me. On other boards I wouldn't consider posting something like this; I may have literally years of recommendations and a track record of sorts where people know my taste. However, while I've posted extensively on CH for ten+ years I've only infrequently posted on this particular board. Thus, a feeble effort for a kind of credibility using a third party, i.e. the WS. Having said all this WS points influence the cost of a wine. A higher score can cause the wine to go up; lower, to go down. Going up is exactly what has happened with both the Reserve and he regular bottling of this. I bought the reserve as a future for $37; I doubt if you can find it today on WineZap for less than $65 or 70-it was reviewed in the interim.

          Anyway, I've drank this wine. Three times now. It is an incredible value. But value is influenced by what one pays. At the $14.99 Costco price it is almost the buy of a lifetime. At $23.99 it is outstanding. At $40 probably worthwhile and every dollar higher loses a bit of value.

          Last, for points: I view them as an opinion. The points are also relative to WHOSE points they are. I believe that I know (or think I know) Robert Parker's taste. His numerical point rating has value for me; someone else's may not-I simply may not have the same taste as them. The same can be said for the WS; in truth I should have noted WHO at the WS posted the points since these can vary within the same magazine. I'm also guessing that you beleive that points overly simplify, perhaps even discredit the individuality of a wine and the effort behind it. I would tend to agree with this. Still, they are an opinion, a kind of call to take note of a wine. A reference point, if you will.

          As for price, for me, it is almost everything. Two months ago I sold six bottles of 2000 Lafite. With the money I bought two six packs of '06 Groth Reserve, two six packs of K Vintner's Roma en Chamberlain, a twelve pack of Bergevin Lane '06 cab, a six pack of Elderton Command and banked the $4,000 left over which was more than double what I paid for it.

          Price matters.

          Anyway, this kind of simplicity aside, it's a great wine worth seeking out at a remarkable price such as what Costco is asking.

          1. re: Joe H

            Joe - thanks for the response. Makes a lot more sense now.

            You guessed right, I'm not too crazy about the point system. Largely because my taste buds don't usually line up with most of the RPs and WSs, and because I hate it when the prices go up on 90+ ratings!

            The world is awash with amazing wine that I don't often need the ratings people. I taste 30+ wines a month an buy what I like.

            Good on you for dumping the 2000 Lafites and buying lots of fun stuff.

            By what you purchased instead, I can tell you probably trust WS and RP ratings more than I do. Those are great guides as long as you're aligned.

            1. re: kaysyrahsyrah

              Please forgive me but I could not disagree with your last comment more, "by what you purchased": I originally bought the Washington state wines because both were recommended by a friend "whose opiinion I trusted" and no idea at the time what their point ratings were. I also am a huge fan of Charles Smith. I've been on Leonetti's mailing list since the early '90's and have followed the development of that area with a number of visits although I live on the East Coast.. I am partial to many Walla Walla wines-it is an amazing growth area and, I think, a huge value for this level of quality. Curiously, I don't believe Leonetti is quite on the level that it once was. I've bought Elderton Command for ten or more years because I put it away for five or six and really like it. It is an exemplery better shiraz. The Groth Reserve? Because the '85 Groth Reserve is the best CA cabernet that I have ever tasted and having reintroduced it with the '05 (a replant in '99?) it is an attempt to return to the former level of excellence. Now factor in a HUGE price break from $160 to 89 or so and I could care less what the point value of this is; it is a great wine! I regard only the Bergevin Lane as a "fun wine." Having purchased this $26 wine for 18 allows me to drink it evereday-it is even better.

              As for the Lafite I opened a bottle a couple of years after buying a case and felt that it was outstanding. But not so outstanding that I would pay $800 or so which is what it was worth then. Now, at $1600+ on wine commune or $1250+ in private sales for multiple bottles I can no longer imagine myself drinking this.

              I will drink or share every drop of what I replaced it with.

              1. re: Joe H

                ok - understood. Correlation between your fave wines, which are lauded by WS and RP does not = your agreement with their ratings. So be it. ;-)

                I had the 85 Groth. Agreed.

                I tried the last two Leonetti vintages - not great.

                Love Elderton!

                1. re: kaysyrahsyrah

                  This is the first year since I started on their list ('93?) that I did not buy a single wine. They are up to $145 for their Reserve and $85 or so for the cab or merlot. I believe they are no longer worth it. '94 Merlot was phenominal; '06 is not. K Vintner's Roma is $50 on futures and delicious.