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Jun 25, 2010 04:49 PM

Yummy World - San Mateo

Today 9 of us gathered at Yummy World for lunch. I'll list the dishes and encourage the rest of the group to add their thoughts and/or photos!

The item numbers for the dishes are not in all cases the same as on the big menu, but I have them listed from the take out menu.

Here goes:
#D-1 Salt & Pepper beef with fried garlic
#E-2 Lamb with ginger and scallions
#K-1 Braised preserved vegetable with sliced pork in clay pot
#K-10 Chicken with Chinese sausage in clay pot
#N-4 Preserved eggs over spinach (with Century eggs & salted eggs)
#N-5 Seasonal vegetables (ong choy with caramelized garlic cloves)
#N-9 Steamed egg white with tofu and seafood
#34 Fried rice with taro and Chinese sausage
#71 Braised E-Fu noodle with lobster (half lb) - we got a double order

We were each served a bowl of the soup of the day and the restaurant comped us an order of what I think was #56 Seafood pan fried noodle.

The tab for a generous amount of food came to $125 including a nice tip = $14/pp

I'd still like to go back and try some other items like maybe #H-3 Spicy salt and pepper frog, or #H-5 Braised eggplants and frog in chili sauce, #F-6 Steamed pork hash with dried scallop, or #L-5 Sizzling frog and clam with scallion, or #39 "Big Boss" fried rice with dry scallop and seafood...

Plus there's a section of the menu "Soup Rice" that includes "Chow" Chou style soup rice with minced pork, clam with minced pork soup rice, etc. Am not familiar with "soup rice" so will have to order it one of these days.

Even though we were all pretty full, most of us decided we needed something sweet so it was necessary to go to Romolo's for cannoli, espresso or affogato... No dinner for me tonight!

Yummy World, 2216 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo CA 94403, 650-212-1166

Yummy World
2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

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  1. It was a very enjoyable meal. For the first few dishes I was too busy talking with my charming companions to pay attention to what I was eating, but I liked a dish with some fried coated items that may have been the Salt and Pepper beef. My first bite of the Chicken with Chinese Sausage redirected my attention to the food-- it had a great flavor and wonderful texture in the mushrooms. The Sliced Pork was also very good.

    The Preserved Eggs over Spinach were good but not as good as my memory of another restaurant's similar dish in which the spinach was well drained of liquid and the eggs especially flavorful. This version was pretty watery, with salty eggs on top and chunks of preserved egg which were less tasty than others I have had. The Steamed Egg White with Tofu and Seafood was excellent-- soft and delicate and sweet with somewhat salty egg whites. The lobster was sweet and flavorful. The fried rice was not at all oily and had nice little bits of taro and sausage.

    The food was healthier than my normal restaurant fare and we definitely filled our daily requirement of leafy green vegetables. I tend to eat simple foods at home but look for very intense eating experiences at restaurants, so it was nice to be reminded how wonderful more subtle flavors can be. (Note to self: eat more Cantonese). Yummy World is a good place to go on days when your tummy needs some TLC.

    Thank you RWCFoodie for getting us together to experience a real gem!

    Yummy World
    2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

    1. The first thing I noticed about Yummy World (after some misgivings about the rather dorky name) is its pleasant, uncluttered interior. The food, too, is pretty decent, and though I might wish for more pronounced and complex flavors, the dish that sticks in my mind is the steamed egg white with tofu and seafood: as charliemyboy said, great comfort food when one needs to be gentle with oneself. The eggwhites were so tenderly cooked that we needed spoons to eat the dish.

      I have yet to find a lobster noodle dish that I would order again. Invariably, the noodles lack interest, even when the lobster is fresh and sweet, as it was in this case.

      The sliced pork with preserved vegetables had melt-in-your-mouth tender pork, and the addition of fresh spinach around the mound of preserved vegetables makes for a healthier (?) dish, though I confess I prefer the guilty, pungent pleasure of the more traditional version.

      Next time (and it is worth a return visit to try more of the menu), I shall skip the fried rice, which I found too dry, and the salt-and-pepper beef, which, while tender, did not benefit from being coated in batter.

      I look forward to trying some of the congee (I miss Joy Luck!), and perhaps I shall manage to ask that some shreds of Chinese style ham or dried scallop be added to the seafood and eggwhite dish. (If they agree, I'll probably go through half the platter by myself.)

      Many thanks to RWCFoodie for organizing and doing the research! We shall return to check out those froggy dishes.

      Yummy World
      2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

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      1. re: pilinut

        I'll add my 2 cents now: I totally agree that the food is pretty decent but I too would like more pronounced and complex flavors. Quality of raw ingredients seems pretty good: meat dishes were uniformly tender, free of gristly, bone or fat; vegetables are all very fresh and young.

        I'd also prefer a more traditional prep for the sliced pork with preserved veggies but the pork itself was very nice.

        Too bad the fried rice dish was so dry, it really did benefit from having some of the broth from the spinach dish spooned on. I don't often order fried rice but the lure of lop cheung and taro got to me, unfortunate that the pieces of same were so tiny as to be almost invisible.

        Really liked the steamed egg white/tofu/shrimp dish: as others have said, pure comfort food; great idea to ask for the inclusion of some dried scallop or Chinese style ham.

        I'd like to try their congee too: will have to wait for a cooler spell for me!

        Worth a visit for the nice decor and peaceful atmosphere.

        1. re: RWCFoodie

          I went back the other evening with a couple of family members--we had had a very heavy lunch and wanted something light. I ordered the seafood with eggwhite, DH had a noodle soup, and two others had the chicken congee. I won't say the congee was bad, but it was the extremely bland type--the sort you are supposed to eat when you are sick and unable to digest anything you'd usually eat. The eggwhiite dish was actually a touch better than before and was everyone's favorite, I noticed some slivers of dried scallop--perhaps there were more this time than before.

        1. $8.95 for the #71 E-Fu noodles and lobster is a good value; the lobster was sweet and succulent and the noodles were toothsome. My absolute fave on the table was the #N-9 Steamed Egg White with tofu and seafood; perfectly balanced in delicate flavors and like silk on the tongue - I'd go to Yummy World for this dish alone. The only dish I didn't like was the Fried Rice with Taro and Sausage; too dry and uninteresting to me - a handful of chopped scallion-chives-ginger-garlic would give it a needed boost; mixing the ong choy or the broth from the spinach and preserved egg with the fried rice gave the dish an added dimension.
          Thanks to Karen for organizing and ordering. We had another Great Time together and give thumbs up to Yummy World for a pleasant lunch.

          Yummy World
          2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

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          1. re: Cynsa

            Thanks for including me in this delicious lunch. I agree that Yummy World merits a return trip. I also loved the Steamed Egg White with tofu and seafood. I enjoyed the flavor and texture of the salt and pepper beef with fried garlic-- a dish I have not seen on a menu before. Enjoyed the great company and the food.

            Yummy World
            2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

          2. Sounds delicious. Would love to have known about it.