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Jun 25, 2010 03:35 PM

Kelloggs cereal recall today

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Kellogg Co. is voluntarily recalling about 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks cereals because an unusual smell and flavor from the packages' liners could make people ill, the company said Friday.

Kellogg said about 20 people complained about the cereals, including five who reported nausea and vomiting. The company said the potential for serious health problems is low.

Consumers reported the cereal smelled or tasted waxy or like metal or soap. Company spokeswoman J. Adaire Putnam said some described it as tasting stale.

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  1. I wonder if it's something else in them, other than smell and flavor, that's making people nauseous and vomit.

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    1. re: chowser

      Someone is going to find a way to blame BP for this.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Yeah, I dropped an opened box this morning and it wouldn't stop spilling out!

          1. re: chowser

            28 million boxes, maybe they could stuff them in the hole & stop the oil from spilling.

      2. Yep, I read about it. As chowser said, there are probably something.