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Jun 25, 2010 03:31 PM

Any breakfast places in Toronto that make HOMEMADE PANCAKES from scratch?

We often go out for breakfast / brunch and find that most places make pancakes from a mix.
Anybody know of a good place, ideally in the east end... Leslieville, Beaches, Danforth.

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  1. let me broaden this question to anywhere in GTA

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    1. re: shekamoo

      in markham, there is this little divey bakery called 'T and T Bakery' on main street markham. family owned/operated. needs a serious makeover, for sure.

      when i do go there for breakfast, i never miss the pancakes. made from scratch - SUPER fluffy. two big fluffy ones for about $4-5. i think they also serve them with fruit and other garnishes, but i always order mine straight up.

    2. I haven't had them but the Senator makes pancakes from scratch.

      1. Does Cora's still go from scratch? I love their buckwheat crepes. Boom is good too.

        1. Mildred Temple on Hanna St (Liberty Village) makes the Biederhoff blueberry pancakes. They've got to be made from scratch to make them so fluffy and delicious. They serve with pure maple syrup, too!

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          1. re: 270oliver

            Those are the best! I bought her cookbook just for that recipe.

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              Now that does sound good. It's just so inconveniently located for me (and the OP, it seems). Anywhere east-end?

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                I have had them, they are great, but I did not know they are from scratch

              2. Oh, please, that would be great. Even better... Serve the homemade pancakes with REAL maple syrup!!!