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Jun 25, 2010 01:54 PM

Sausage subs - Allston?

Is there anyone in the Allston area that has a particularly tasty Italian sausage sub (I'll take either sweet or spicy sausage and am fairly flexible about what comes with it, although standard onions and peppers on nice crusty bread would be preference)? Can't remember ever trying any that stood out, but been craving one lately so thought I'd ask first. TIA

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  1. When I lived in Allston (>10 years ago now), there weren't any memorable subs of any type in Allston. There was the International and that pizza place in Union Square but they were both just plain old middling Greek-style sub shops. Maybe (probably) Carlo's would have made one in the old days, but I'm racking my brains trying to think of any other place that might be worth trying.

    You might have better luck in Brighton, actually. Is Guido's still near the hospital in Brighton?

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      It's no longer Guido's. It's now Brickhouse pizza. Decent pizza, wasn't impressed with the one steak and cheese I had. Never had a sausage there.

    2. Try Alfredo's near the fire station on Brighton Ave.

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      1. re: chuck s

        Never think of him because I'm not that often right around there when I'm hungry and the few times I tried calling for delivery he was refusing to answer his phones (I'd heard this can be an issue). But yeah, you're right, he's a place I'd expect to have very good ones. And as it happens I have to be at Jackson Mann for a training class next week. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Alfredo's Restaurant
        229 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

      2. I don't know if it's good but The Big A on Cambridge Street has a sausage sub. I think they use softer rolls than you're asking for.

        Big A
        84 Cambridge, Brighton, MA 02135

        1. I've had some decent subs (not mindblowing but decent) at Inbound - and they will toast them in the pizza oven if you want - but I've never tried their sausage, just meatball, steak & cheese, and veal parm.

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            Yeah, I live near enough that I'm very familiar with them. And you're right, not go out of your way great, but decent. But they took sausage subs off the menu a whole bunch of years ago after an ownership change. They have Turkish sausages on panini I tried once, but not the same and not what I'm after. For Italian I think they only have the loose sort you use as a pizza topping now and not really interested in a sandwich of that either, although they'd undoubtedly make one if I asked.