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Jun 25, 2010 01:36 PM

Help - can I eat my lunch?

I never thought I'd be posting one of the "Oops, I left __ sitting out for ___ hours - can I still eat it?" messages, but here I am. The scenario - various items, the most perishable being cottage cheese and cut-up fruit, in an insulated cooler bag (no ice pack or anything). usually I put the bag in the fridge at work as soon as I arrive, but today I got distracted and it sat on the floor in my office for 3 hours, give or take. Containers felt cooler than room temp but not cold (now they are in the fridge). Would you eat it?

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  1. look at it, smell it, trust your instincts. the fruit should be fine.

    1. No problem. I would eat it. I leave stuff out in my air conditioned office all the time until lunch without a problem. Especially if you're saying the contains are still cooler than room temp.

      1. Thanks for the reassurance. Everything smelled fine, so i just ate it . . .