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Jun 25, 2010 01:01 PM

Westchester - Brunch for 50-75 people - not terribly expensive but nice

I'm hosting a birthday party for 50-75 people - we would like to have a buffet brunch somewhere in Westchester (we live in white plains) on either a saturday or a sunday.

we're looking for something nice that will come in at/around $20/person including non-alcoholic drinks.

is there anywhere that you can reccommend that may fit the bill? Thanks so much!

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  1. The cheapest brunch out there that isn't bad (Spiga (buffet) is bad, as is the City Limits Diner (not buffet)) is Sunset Cove, which serves a fairly good buffet with a very nice view. It's above $20. and after tax and tip will be closer to $30.

    If you can go to $38. before tax and tip, X20 and Restaurant X are magnificent. With these two places, you get what you pay for and then some. The view at X20 will make you smile.

    Crabtree Kittle has supposedly improved, but I can't vouch for it anymore.

    Westchester is woefully absent of very good buffet brunches, save for Peter's places.

    A good buffet brunch (nice raw bar) in CT can be had at The Brewhouse in Norwalk, but atmosphere is nil.

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      FYI on Crabtree - the chef that made it so good is gone. No replacement hired as of yet.

    2. The problem you are going to have is that you really need a private space and that cost an extra 20%+. Bar and taverns will give you a great deal in WP but the food and service leaves you wanting more.. And Sunday morning is not the time to be there. If you know what I mean. You will probably need an American restaurant with a private room.

      1. I held my daughters bridal shower for 60 at the Pleasantville Country Club (Unique Affairs). It is a really pretty setting. We had a great brunch and service is on point. I think it was about 38/person.

        Pleasantville Country Club
        110 Nannahagan Rd, Pleasantville, NY 10570

        1. You may want to call the Lexington Square Cafe in Mount Kisco...they do a great job with large groups, and i think you might be able to set a menu at a reasonable price point

          Lexington Square Cafe
          510 Lexington Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549