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Jun 25, 2010 12:50 PM

Healthy Breakfast in the Heights - with great coffee!

Hi there,

I don't venture out for breakfast very often and am trying to find a good place to meet friends for breakfast in the Heights. We would prefer to have a healthy (or at least light) breakfast and good coffee.

Any suggestions? I'm finding a lot of greasy spoons but hope there's a great coffee shop or restaurant that would work for us (on a Saturday morning).


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  1. Onion Creek has a great relaxed atmosphere. I don't drink coffee but they have a nice (though limited) selection for breakfast. You can check out the menu on-line. As an added bonus, they house the Height's farmers market on Saturday mornings which adds to the atmosphere. You can sit on the deck and listen to the live music they have at the farmers market.

    Onion Creek Coffee House
    3106 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007

    1. Well, I'm not sure about great coffee, as I don't drink coffee. But a great coffeehouse is Antidote at 729 Studewood. Very comfortable, free wifi, great crowd.

      As far as breakfast is concerned, I had a more than decent meal at Lola (1102 Yale) and not to be confused with the uber-dive bar Lola's off Grant in the Montrose. Everything was better than I expected it should have been, which is a nice change.

      Good luck-

      1. I like Cedar Creek on 20th (owned by the same people as Onion Creek and Dry Creek). It has a great funky vibe and good food. I had the waffles and scrambled eggs. Shade on 19th is where I take out of town guests. Great food, more expensive but worth it. I tried Lola's on 11th but wasn't impressed. The place has a nice open feel to it but the food was definitely not made with love and care. I went to Zelko Bistro on 11th for lunch. They had great food and I believe they're open for brunch. It's small and has a nice homey feel to it. Good luck!

        Dry Creek Cafe
        544 Yale St, Houston, TX 77007