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Jun 25, 2010 12:14 PM

Neptune suggestions

Will be in Neptune this weekend for a soccer tournament. Any recommendations for dinner?
Thank you!

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  1. Taka in Asbury Park always has excellent Japanese food that goes beyond the standard sushi. It wouldn't be to far out of the way from Neptune. Their website is

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    1. re: hcentro

      Second this suggestion as TAKA always provides an excellent dining experience and it is just around the corner form Neptune which by the way has very few options for a decent meal.

      1. re: JerzeyShore

        Finally tried TAKA. We are not sushi eaters, but I did observe several people around us eating sushi, so I imagine it is very good here. The food was very good. My only peeve....I ordered Japanese curry with vegetables and shrimp over rice and although the curry was delicious, the only vegetable I saw on my plate were sliced carrots and maybe a few scallions. I like carrots, so I didn't mind, but if you disliked carrots, you were in trouble. When you list a menu item as "with vegetables" , it should be with more than one vegetable. The dish should have said Japanese curry with carrots and shrimp. I also thought that the appetizer that we ordered, which was pork and shrimp dumplings was a bit on the sparse side for the price they charged. The appetizer was $10.00 and they gave us four dumplings. While they were delicious, they were not huge and I thought that $2.50 per dumpling was a bit high. They should have had a shrimp cocktail size shrimp in each for that price.

        1. re: charmel

          i have never been to Taka but base on my understanding, traditional Japanese curry usually just come with a few pieces of carrots and onions. The curry sauce seems to be the most important component of the dish.

          1. re: yCf

            The most typical additions for Japanese curry are indeed carrots, onions and potatoes. But if it's served at a restaurant at this kind of price point I'd expect something more. 10 bucks for a dumpling app sounds like robbery to me...

            1. re: joonjoon

              I appreciate the info. Now I know for the future. But I doubt that many patrons come in and know what "traditional" Japanese curry is. I still think that instead of the menu saying vegetables, it should more specifically describe the dish as being mainly carrots. Saying, "vegetables" is a bit misleading to the layperson. At a minimum, the wait staff should have described the dish more clearly, because I did ask him about the dish.

              1. re: charmel

                As long as we are on the topic, this is a staple in my house. It is very easy to prepare, you can use any meat/seafood/tofu for a protein in it and a wide variety of vegetables to suit your taste. Our favorite is the typical tofu, onion, carrot, and potato.
                Most Asian markets will carry what you need for the sauce. It is called S & B Golden Curry sauce mix and comes in a small rectangular box. Vermont Curry also makes a servicable version. In the box is a solid sauce block that will melt into your hot water/stock and create the sauce.
                I am normally a scratch cook, but there are a few packaged things that are as good as almost any scratch recipe and this is one of them. The only hard part is making sure you cook the potatos through. My Asian food mentor, Mrs. Wu, will usually cook the vegetables first in the water until they almost dissolve before adding the tofu and sauce mix.
                As for eating in Neptune, if I am out that way I will usually take a few extra minutes to drive into Belmar or Asbury to eat.

                1. re: seal

                  Seal, I love Japanese curry also! I usually just dump in whatever I have lying around when I make it...onions and potatoes are a must though. But I'll throw in celery, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, beef, chicken - literally whatever I have that needs to be eaten soon. It's perfect winter food for me.

                  SeriousEats did a curry taste test recently:

                  Going back on topic - I did see this on the menu at Taka but I would personally have never ordered it....the disappointment would have been unbearable if they charged 17-18 bucks for curry made out of the same packets I use. :D

          2. re: charmel

            TAKA has great food !! But no decor, no charm, and is too loud and they seat you too close to the other tables............

      2. Do the kids want pizza? Pete and Elda's is just down the street. People either love or hate the thin crust. There is no in-between. Or go into Bradley Beach for Vic's. Same thing.

        Pete and Elda's
        96 Woodland Ave, Neptune City, NJ 07753

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        1. re: cantkick

          Same thing ?? Vic's not good at all. CARMEN'S PIZZA at pete and elda's bar is THE BEST THIN CRUST PIZZA ON THE SHORE and i do mean THIN............

          1. re: FrankieT945

            Frankie, I didn't mean the two places were the same, I meant the reactions were the same. At either place you love it or hate it. And usually people love one and hate the other. Just like you.

            1. re: FrankieT945

              of course you meant that you don't like vic's....

              1. re: FrankieT945

                I much prefer Vics to pete and elda's. Their pizza, in my opinion, tastes like sauce and cheese on a matzo cracker. And yes, I've grown up here and am aware of their revered status. If I'm down there, I'd rather go to Vesuvios, anyway.

                725 S Main St Ste 3, Forked River, NJ 08731

                1. re: MichelleM131

                  Whenever I drive by P&Es, it's always packed, and I can't believe why so many people would line up to eat cracker pizza....

            2. Kellys Bar is always fun....but LOUD!!