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Jun 25, 2010 11:49 AM

TWO new coffee places in NE Minneapolis?

Ok, so I gather the old Audubon Coffee place is being turned into another coffee place called "The Coffee Shop NE" Is this the same owners/people? I never went to Audubon because they had several signs on the window and door saying they didn't want my business. (No Guns Signs) So, what is the deal with the new place?

Also, north on Johnson St. a few blocks, the old Johnson Street Market now has a new awning that says, "Nordeast Coffee Company" Who are they? Are they open? Is it good?

I would love some local, (non-caribou) type places to get great coffee, and even buy fresh roasted beans if that was an option. Anybody know anything about these places?

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  1. Some of Audubon's employees took over the old Audubon space and the original owners are opening a new shop next to The Anchor on 13th NE.

    I have to think weapons still aren't welcome here, they just may not have put the sign up yet.

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    1. re: Foureyes137

      Well darn. No coffee for me if that’s the case. I wonder if some of these businesses realize all the dollars they leave outside or turn toward a competitor by posting that silly little sign? Oh well, vote with your dollar!

      1. re: princebaal

        non-starbucks-wise in northeast, have you checked out lily's at central and 33rd?

        small kitchen. but the coffee's good. and it's a very pleasant (and funky) spot. the patios's nice.

        1. re: chipotlero

          Is that the old Columbia Grounds spot? I guess I haven't been there since the change. I will do that though.

    2. I haven't tried these specific businesses but did try a new place (well, for me) in NE near the Grainbelt building. I think it's called SIP and it's pretty darn awesome. The food is great. The coffee is darn good and roasted off of E. Hennepin very nearby. The have some specialty lattes that are worthwhile. I really like the mint and nutella options. The only downside can be the hours. Also, I don't think the beans are AS good as Alakef but a decent option regardless.

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      1. re: savvyguy

        more details, and a location/address please. Grainbelt and E Hennepin aren't that close, in my estimation or NE Mpls.

        1. re: type2runner

          Sip appears to be IN the grain belt brewery complex, on 13th Ave. and west of Marshall. At least that was what the sign looked like, as I ran past today. I was dealing with the discomfort of the half marathon, and I was past the sign before I realized what it said. 13th ave is one block north of Broadway.

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            I agree that my response was not very clear. Since you like Nordeast, SIP is a fantastic coffee house with limited hours yet great coffee, eats and treats. It's located in the Grainbelt Brewery near the Intersection of Broadway and Marshall on 13th Ave (turn at stoplight on 13th/Marshall and go toward river on dead end street).

            Seemingly, you like to buy local or from independent business. They use beans roasted off E. Hennepin so this option is right up your alley. I DO prefer Duluth Alakef beans (which I buy either at Kitchen Window or Wilde Roast) over these; however, this option is a very good alternative.

            Kitchen Window
            3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

            Wilde Roast Cafe
            518 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

            1. re: savvyguy

              for clarification, i believe it's b&w coffee (east hennepin) that's referenced. they are an excellent local roaster.

              1. re: soupkitten

                SIP has been there a while, I work across the street. They also have a different sandwich everyday and pretty decent oatmeal in the mornings.


                Yes its right by Broadway/I-94, 1 block off broadway on Marshal in the back of the Grainbelt Complex.

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