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Jun 25, 2010 10:52 AM

Casual seafood lunch Pensacola--any updated recs?

We'll be driving through Pensacola in July, and are hoping for a very casual seafood lunch. I searched the boards, but the majority of reviews are old (saw one for JW'S INTRACOASTAL GRILL which sounded ideal, but then found the obituary of the owner dated 2009...sad). What can you recommend? We're two adults who've grown up on gulf coast seafood and are always looking for the next great plate.

Thank you!

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  1. You want to stay close to I 10. Do you have time to drive 10/15 minutes off I 10.

    McGuire's Irish Pub is easy to get to and it's easily one of Pensacola's favorite restaurants and bars. It's directly S on I 110 about 15 minutes right off the Bay. Turn at Exit 12/13 off I 10.

    McGuire's Irish Pub @ 600 East Gregory St., Pensacola, FL 850 - 433 - 6789.

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      McGuire's sounds like fun, but we're really hankering for local seafood. We are on a flexible schedule, so we can easily drive 15-20 minutes off the beaten path for good oysters/shrimp...any suggestions for that?

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        The Fish House should be just perfect but you will need to take I 110 S about 15 minutes until you get close to water. The Fish House opens around 11 AM for lunch/dinner. Joe Patti's is a great place to stop for fresh seafood to take with you and there's a nice shopping market there. You will enjoy stopping there even if you don't buy something. It's close to The Fish House. Peg Leg Pete's might be the best seafood place in Pensacola but you would have to cross the bridge to Pensacola Beach which is about 15/20 minutes from The Fish House.

        The Fish House @ 600 South Barracks St., Pensacola, FL 850 - 470 - 0003.

        Joe Patti's Seafood Market @ 524 South B St., Pensacola, FL 850 - 432 - 3315.

        Peg Leg Pete's @ 1010 Fort Pickens Rd., Gulf Breeze, FL 850 - 932 - 4139.

        Peg Leg Petes
        1010 Fort Pickens Rd, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561