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Jun 25, 2010 10:49 AM

Looking for meat markets in Northern RI/Providence area

New poster here. I tried to search but I didn't find anything on the topic.

What I am looking for is a meat market to get whole cuts of beef, pork, perhaps lamb that I can use to grind into hamburger and sausage. I am looking for cuts in the 5-15 lb range. Anything more than that at once would be too much (in other words, I don't need sides of beef!)

In the same vein, I found a link showing farmers markets in RI. I haven't tried any yet but if I do I will give a review.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. I've never bought meat that way so I can't say for sure they'll do it, but in Woonsocket & Cumberland you'll find Shaw's Meats and Michael's Meats....both very good.

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      2nd on Michael's Meats - Mendon Road, Cumberland

    2. In Pawtucket try:

      Michael's Boulevard Meats
      627 Armistice Blvd
      Pawtucket, RI 02861
      (401) 728-2260

      Armando's on Pine Street, My personal favorite

      or you may even ask at the meat / deli counter at BJ's.

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        Try aquidnick farm at the providence farmers market

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          Michael's is now called Andella's Boulevard Meats. I've never been disappointed.

          Hope farmer's market off of the Boulevard has many local and sustainable farms with excellent, though frozen (by law) grass-fed and free-range meats. Bit pricey, but I'm sure you can talk with one of the farmers and they'll be able to get you the cuts you need.

        2. There is a place on Gano Street that sells this type of meet. I don't remember the name but it is near the intersection of PItman and Gano, near a Dunkin Donuts.

          1. Thank you all for your suggestions! A little follow up. I checked out 2 markets, Michael's and Armando's. While Michael's was certainly a nice, clean place and the people there were friendly, the prices were not very good, in many cases higher than the regular prices at a super market.

            But Armando's was amazing. I made the mistake going there on Sat, July 2nd so the place was PACKED but honestly, I think that's a great sign. I have never seen meat counters so large. Separate whole counters for chicken, pork and beef. Plus so many things that I have never seen in a market before, including many ethnic produce items. Not that I am interested in goat per se but it was available as well as every other part of these animals. But the really great part was the prices. Bone in pork shoulder $1.29/lb, chuck roast, $2.99/lb, seemingly their normal prices. I didn't see any signs indicating sales. At Michael's the pork was $2.59 and chuck roast $4.69.

            I didn't have time to wait in the huge lines that day so I haven't had a chance to test anything out but from everything I could see I was impressed. I will definitely be going back some time when its not a holiday. Thanks, FjmArch!

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            1. re: ChefTell15

              I'd also try to do my best to avoid Armando's on the first of each month...I don't go to Price Rite then either. :) Take note...they close early on Saturdays and Sundays, so make sure you're prepared ahead of time! Have often gotten locked out when running there for last-minute meats to grill. Oh, and the butchers all seem quite knowledgeable!

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                Ah, I was assuming it was the holiday but being the 2nd must be the bigger factor. Thanks for the tip!

              2. re: ChefTell15

                Chef Tell, You are welcome. I was there on July 3rd; fortunately I knew to be there when they opened the doors to avoid the mad rush. Should have warned you about the first of the month craze.
                Managed to pick-up a few pork butts and 6 beautiful racks of baby backs for Sunday. Yes they were fantastic as always.

                1. re: ChefTell15

                  Armando's is fantastic. I love that they generally have both cabrito and older stewing goat as well. They also have a great range of different blood sausages. Plus, it's clean and (as you mention) cheap.