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Jun 25, 2010 10:13 AM

vanilla extract /airport question

I would like to make (4 or 8 oz.) glass bottles of vanilla extract for my aunts who are visiting toronto from Sweden and the U.S.A. I am wondering if they will be able to bring the vanilla extract back to Sweden and the U.S, or will it get confiscated by customs? I am not a travellor so i have no idea how to go about making this gift in the right size or how they'll be able to legally bring it back home. Thank you for the tips :)

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  1. bubble wrap and then in carry on. Before I started to actually make my own extract I tried to bring some back from Mexico but they took it all away.

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      gotta say, respectfully, that you should NOT do this.

      for traveling to the US at least... to bring items in carry-on, they're limited to 3oz or less in the case of liquids or gels and it must be put into a clear plastic bag to be separated from carry-on and scanned through at security. so bubble wrap definitely a no. if all you want them to have is 3oz then go for it.

      what you probably should do is wrap it up nicely in the bubble wrap and have them nestle it into soft, dark clothing for their checked baggage. i've had checked luggage filled to the brim with liquids (at least 50% if not 80%) cushioned only with clothing and have had two accidents. the first because they did a random search on my bag and i didn't secure a lid to some homemade caramel well (they really don't care to put back items as they found them) and the second where the plane pressure popped the lid of a beer and popped it right back into place (very minor leak).

      1. re: BusterRhino

        Agree w/psp: do not carry it on.

        When I travel w/liquids/fluids, I usually wrap in newspaper (to absorb potential spills) then double wrap in zip-lock type bags. You can then put them in a shoe (if small enough) or wrap them up in shirts--in the checked in luggage. I don't bubble wrap since it's a waste of space. I shoot for efficiency...and I've never had any spills.