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Jun 25, 2010 09:17 AM


I will be traveling to Seattle for business shortly and I'm curious about the kosher options there. Also, any dining suggestions? Thank you.

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  1. while seattle does have several kosher food options (takeout, markets, etc) it does not have a specifically kosher restaurant - however, it has many strictly vegan options (possibly the best in the country and including many restaurants of several varieties) and vegan = kosher. if, however, you insist on rabbinical certification, you will be limited. i can highly recommend the vegan vietnamesse fare at the moonlight cafe (19th/jackson) which also offers a full omnivorous menu for any trafe companions. of course, the service (plates, glasses, etc.) will not fulfill kosher requirements but the food on the vegetarian menu is absolutely pareve; the 'chicken' salad and the sesame 'beef' are especially good. ess gezinta hait!

    1. Actually a number of the vegetarians restaurants are under supervision of the local Vaad - check out for a list - I have eaten at Bamboo Garden and Teapot Vegetarian House - both are excellent and you will not miss the animal protein -

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        Howard 1st, you are absolutely wrong.

        As weinstein5 has answered there are 2 delicious vegan options which are under the vaad. very very tasty and affordable.

        There is also an excellent dairy / PIzza store under the vaad which can stand up to any Kosher Pizza place. Fresh Pasta, made to order exotic pizzas and here is a new concept that kosher establishments always seem to miss the boat on.....IT IS CLEAN!

        It is on Mercer Island by the albertsons with the large kosher counter.

        Hope that helps.

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          What about the Indian place that was there a few years ago? Is it not still under hashgacha as well?

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            My Mistake, Pabla the vegetarian indian establishment is Renton is still there and it is still under hasgacha.

      2. We recently ate at Teapot and it was great. It got very busy by 7 ish, and had a very varied menu. Not everything was fake Chinese menu... it's pretty creative, and ordering is a guess.

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          I'll be there soon, so I'm wondering what you mean when you say "ordering is a guess."

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            you can check the menu online, but its not like fake chicken and broccoli, fake general tsos. there is a lot of different types of food and maybe if you are very familiar with vegan cooking then you will have a better idea of what things might taste like based onthe descriptions...

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              I found the food very good and used some of the best 'fake' meats I have ever had - utilizing these fake meats they present a wide range of oriental styles of cooking -

        2. Here is a website that will help you out:

          If you like Indian, definitely go for the $10 lunch buffet to Pablas, otherwise we like Bamboo garden as well. At Bamboo order one of the Hotpots (eggplant is my favorite or else one of the peanut sauce ones.) the menu is ridiculously huge and so many options. Oh and a cup of creamy corn chowder-- so awesome! Depending on where you stay Bamboo garden may be the easiest option to get to, it is the nearest to downtown. As opposed to kosher establishments in NY (where we are from originaly) you will be pleasantly surprised to see non Jews eating at these places, because they are GOOD! not because they "have to."