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Jun 25, 2010 09:13 AM

Reception dinner menu for destination wedding in Bali

I am getting married in Bali in less than a month. I wanted to get some opinions on the menu choice that I made. I am getting married at AYANA Resort and Spa, which was formerly the Ritz Carlton in Bali. Some info about the wedding reception locale and my wedding style:

Outdoor garden gazebo atop a cliff overlooking the ocean
Summer wedding
Cocktails and hors at 6:00
Reception at 7:00
44 guests attending - invited only close family members (not distant) and VERY close friends
Groom and I are paying our own wedding
Semi-formal attire - no tuxes and black ties
26 and 27 yo Bride and Groom

Hors D'oeuvres Menu

Duck Rilette Crostini with Cormichons - 36 pcs
Beef Yakitori with Eggplant - 24 pcs
Grilled Calamari Satay with Peanut Soy Dip - 36 pcs
Vegetable Spring Rolls - 24 pcs
Curried Corn & Leek Samosas - 36 pcs
Individual Mini Martabak with Chicken & Mushroom (Indonesian pancake with meat) - 36 pcs

Full bar but drinks are by order only

Total pcs - 192 pcs amounting to 4.5 pcs/person

Question: should I get more appetizers? Or is my count per person enough for a 45 min-1 hr cocktail session, I do not want any excess food that will end up in the garbage.

Dinner Reception: I'm only have 1 menu, 4 course, type as we do not have any vegetarians attending.

Smoked Tengiri (local whitefish) with Organic Greens, Artichoke, Red Onion and Oranges
Warm Potato Leek Soup with Truffle Scented Cream
Roasted Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese Stuffing w/ Fava Beans Ragout and Turnip Puree
Coconut Panna Cotta w/ Mango and Strawberries

Wedding Cake: 2- tier decorated rich cheesecake (the hotel's specialty). I opted for a rich wedding cake to finish off a light dinner meal.

I originally wanted a buffet dinner that included Indonesian and Western food however it was cost prohibitive, I still want my guests to enjoy their meals. I have been to other weddings in the past where the food sucked but we still had a great time, due to our closeness with the bride and groom. I also made a point to have dessert in addition to wedding cake because I have been to a wedding where they skimped out on the dessert and it just felt awkard!! I didn't enjoy going to that wedding. Because I live in the US, a food tasting was not possible as I needed to make the selection 1 month in advance.

Thanks for your comments!!

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  1. The whole idea is wonderful (I wish I were a close family member (not distant) or very close friend!) and the menu sounds yum. What a location, it should be memorable.

    My only thoughts are:

    1) Relax, Ayana should do a terrific job, although one wonders why they are a _former_ Ritz. One of the reasons you made this selection was so that you wouldn't need to sweat the details, right?

    2) People on vacation have nothing else to do but eat, and polite guests won't show up at a wedding already starving and will have had a decent lunch. I don't think I'd worry about feeding them enough dinner.

    3) You came here to post because you are a foodie or want to hear from foodies. It is a wonderful menu. However, surprise, surprise, it always shocks me that so many sophisticated people have such pedestrian palets. What I'm saying is many people would prefer fried chicken over duck and fried cheese over eggplant. I'm sorry about that.

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    1. re: GraydonCarter

      Thank you for your reply Graydon! The hotel was once a Ritz Carlton but they had to change their name and management to Ayana because the same hotel group who owns the Ritz Carlton brand was opening a BVLGARI Resort nearby and it caused some issues with competition. Needless to say, the hotel grounds and service quality are still reminiscent of RC, AYANA is lovely and beautiful when we went to scout venues last year.

      Most of our guests who are from US/Canada and Europe are coupling this event with their vacations and have travelled extensively (similar lifestyles). I do not want to opt for the more expensive 7 course dinner because of cost but I do realize many of the guests have spent a lot of money attending our wedding. I am a foodie and have attended weddings in the past but have not been too critical of food at receptions.

      Do you think my appetizer count per person is too low? Should I add more?

      1. re: absolutanne

        "Do you think my appetizer count per person is too low? Should I add more?"

        Yes, I think it is too low. If there are 44 guests attending I would have 44 pieces of each appetizer - to give each guest a taste of each if they would like to try them. If this is too cost prohibitive - then I would cut the type of appetizers from 6 to 4..

        1. re: Jeanne

          my thoughts are similar, but even a tad more conservative. i usually offer 1 1/2 x as many of a passed app as there are guests, i.e. for 44 guests, at least 66. what if someone likes it and wants more than one? sure some guests may not taste something, but someone else may eat three...

        2. re: absolutanne

          I would double or triple the Yakitori and spring rolls. They are familiar and will probably be in higher demand. I would also ask if the extra apps/desserts/cake could be sent to our room as they would make great midnight snacks, but wouldn't expect it. We did get married at a local resort and that was actually a question the planner asked me. I was grateful the next day when all the ladies showed up unexpectedly to check out the gifts, which I hadn't opened yet so they stuck around and I had room service bring plates and champagne for everyones morning after. Was a lot of fun.

      2. Congratulations, it will be a gorgeous wedding in a dream location!
        Now I've been to Bali and loved it, but can admit that neither Indonesian nor Balinese cuisines were my favourites. So I can understand choosing mostly Western food. However, I would find warm potato leek soup out of place at any outdoor summer wedding. I also think that since you have a very Western cake, your dessert could incoporate more local flavours - perhaps a tropical fruit in place of the strawberries?

        1. I'm wondering how the reception went, absolutanne?