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Jun 25, 2010 09:08 AM

Your Favorite thing to make with coconut milk (savory please, no sweets)???

I really would like to use this more, any ideas for savory dishes, easy sides, etc. I love everything seafood so any of that is a plus..... (thanks in advance).

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  1. I read about using coconut milk to make the rice for red beans and rice in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. I loved it, and always try to do it now.

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    1. this is a great, easy recipe:

      you could also do mussels with a Thai curry sauce (red or green).

      i did a quick search on Epicurious while i was there, and they have quite a few coconut milk recipes with fish/shellfish...

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        The process described in the Shrimp Madras recipe wouldn't really be a sear, right? More of a saute? Not trying to nitpick, just looking for clarification.

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          yum those are keepers! and I could be a shrimpatarian (live off only shrimp) LOL

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            @khoops, technically, the only difference between searing & sauteing is the color - they're both done quickly over high heat, but with a sear the goal is browning. when i make this dish (or any shrimp dish that requires cooking other ingredients later), i sear them quickly to get a little color on them, remove them from the pan while i get the sauce going, then add them back in for the last couple of minutes of cooking, just to make sure they're cooked through and coated with sauce. i've found that most recipes (and people) overcook shrimp. they don't need more than a couple of minutes on each side *at most* so if you followed the directions in that recipe to a T, you'd end up with inedible rubber shrimp. i actually should have mentioned that when i posted the link - cooking the shrimp until they turn pink & curl up, and then *keeping* them on the heat while you reduce the sauce is WAY too long. once they're pink & begin to curl, they're DONE.

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                Searing is also done with less oil than saute.

            1. I make a big batch of red Thai curry (I use the receipe in True Thai), then divide into smaller batches and freeze into 1/2 cup containers. Sautee some shrimp in butter and EVOO, and add the red curry and a cup of coconut milk, and serve over rice or rice noodles....yum! Or brush the curry/coconut milk over chicken strips thredded on a skewer and grill, or heat leftover duck in the get the idea!

              An easy side dish is Thai-style creamed corn, also from True Thai. Cut a couple of ears of corn off the cob, fry in a bit of butter, add some salt and pepper, add some coconut milk (I use about 1 cup per 2 cups of corn), and then chiffonade some Thai basil and stir in at the last minute. This is our go-to side dish with Thai turkey or shrimp wraps.

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                I've been thinking about doing chowder with it. I googled coconut milk chowder & it returned- Shrimp & scallop, curried corn, corn & crab...yum yum!

                I'm a big fan of Thai curries too. You can get little cans of prepared paste in import stores that are good. I like the Maesri brand, they have green, red, yellow, panang & massaman.

                Indian curries are really good too but I've never made them.

                Coconut rice is good with jamaican jerk or any spicy grilled meat.

              2. Coconut milk is very good in lentil soup, especially with sausage and peppers, but the lentil and coconut base are very adaptable to many types of meat and vegetable, I also use it to make dish with curried potatoes and cauliflower, fresh basil, and, sometimes, tomatoes.

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                  I really like the coconut rice and red beans or pigeon peas.

                  A really simple version of chicken sate that's pretty good.

                  Marinate the chicken breast strips in 1 tbs soy sauce, 1/2 can coconut milk, 1 tbs minced garlic and 1 1/2 tbs curry powder. If you cut the chicken strips a little thicker than what the restaurants usually serve you can get away with grilling them without the skewers.

                  Peanut sauce

                  1 1/2 cans coconut milk, 1/2 cup or so Jif peanut butter and 1-2 tbs red curry paste. Cook over low heat to marry flavors. Add soy sauce or fish sauce to taste.

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                    hmmmm, I loved the peas (pigeon) and rice in teh bahamas - think they use coconut milk?

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                      I don know about the Bahamas mon but er in Jamaica we use the coconut milk somtimes.


                      I know you be needin some arie jerk to go wit tat.