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Jun 25, 2010 08:51 AM

Live Crabs in Bucks or Montco

Anyone know where one can buy live crabs in the Bucks/Montco area? By the dozen or bushel. Used to see places with signs or trucks by the side of the road occasionally, but not recently.

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  1. Bucks County Seafood has ads for live crabs.

    1. I work with a few live crabs and would be happy to sell them to you (grin).

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      1. re: PattiCakes

        LOL! Good one Patti! Assi Plaza has all manner of live seafood year round, including crabs.

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          Patti, you are so damn funny! Carbs is correct. Assi is the place to go.

          1. re: crazyspice

            Just a heads up, the majority of crabs sold at ASSI are female crabs (this tends to be the norm when blue crabs are sold in Asian supermarkets). I've purchased some from them in the past, but they tend to run on the small side. Price wise though, they don't even compare to what you would pay elsewhere.

            1. re: wubar

              Thanks for all the replies. A co-worker had asked where to get them. There seems to be fewer places than there were years ago.

        2. I got them from Assi last week and while they were small (small enough that I am crossing my fingers that the fish and wildlife guys don't wander in...) they were feisty, clean and delicious.

          1. Personally, I'd skip Assi... When I have checked their stock the crabs have been very small and not moving. Also, they are not truly blue crabs, if that is what you are looking for (check the underside of their shell and you'll see the difference).

            I'm a serious crab lover and the best place I've found is just over the border of Montgomery County, in Philly on Washington Lane, just off Ogontz. It's called Pike's Corner and they have a variety of live crabs of various sizes, by the dozen or by the bushel. This weekend, they had them for $6, $5, or $4 per crab-- and better prices in quantity. I've ordered there several times now and have been happy with the result-- they are meaty, heavy crabs. And right now they are coming in from MD, which definitelty have a sweeter crab meat than anywhere else. I'd also add that they are clean crabs and don't have that tarry underside that I frequently have found when getting crabs in NJ.

            Pike's Corner will steam your crabs for you at no extra cost, but an extra 20-25 minute wait. Their seasoning isn't quite an old bay, but a little more like a Lousiana crawfish/crab boil-- much heavier on the red pepper and not so much celery seed/salt.

            They also have a variety of other fish, side salads, and prepared seafood. Only other thing I've tried is the crab cake and the macaroni salad, which were both good.

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            1. re: xtian

              What sort of crabs to you think they are?

              1. re: Kater

                My husband, a chef, calls them flower crabs and says they are from Asia. I don't know if that is correct, but found this on wiki:

                1. re: xtian

                  Based on that picture, you can tell from the top they are "different" from local crabs.

                  1. re: Philly Ray

                    Once again thanks for the good responses. Will have to try Pike's.

                  2. re: xtian

                    Those are definitely not the crabs I'm talking about. I've never seen them at Assi and I'm there at least twice a week. When you see them please send out an alert because I would love to get some!

                    1. re: Kater

                      There were live crabs at Assi today...for .99 a lb! I just got a few and I'm going to experiment. They were certainly alive and very feisty.

              2. There is a new place in Collegeville, right near Trappe Tavern. I can't recall the name, but you go there to get fresh crabs and crab cakes. You take everything home and cook there. I believe the same company has a place up in Douglassville.

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                  Captain Chuck's crab cakes. I've never seen live crabs there but I really like their shrimp. It is very difficult to find wild caught shrimp in that area and they have them. If you make an arrangement ahead of time they will sell you raw wild caught shrimp by the pound. If you stop in they will sell you cooked shrimp or you can get five pounds frozen. They sell a great mustard horseradish sauce to go with. Regarding the crab cakes, the premium varieties were really high quality and the people are very nice but I have to say that I find their crab cakes really bland and underseasoned. You really need the sauces to go with.