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Golden Buddha Thai Cuisine in Fishkill

From today's Poughkeepsie Journal:

New Thai restaurant opens — SiriNik Inc. recently opened Golden Buddha Thai Cuisine, 985 Main St., Fishkill. Home-style Thai recipes by certified chef Siriporn Schwartzberg make up the menu. Schwartzberg studied culinary arts in Bangkok and is the publisher of www.trycookingthai.com. The restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. For details, call 845-765-1055.

i hope this place is good. i'll try to stop by in the next couple of weeks...

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  1. It's already gotten 4 good reviews on Yelp, and 3 people mentioned how great the drunken noodles dish is (which is my favorite), so now I can't wait to try it!

    1. We went today (Sunday) for lunch. I had Pahd Prik Khing with shrimp and my gal had the gigantic pork noodle soup. Lovely service. Very tasty and sensitive to the level of spice you want. Pretty comprehensive menu. I don't know if there is a weekday lunch menu. The previous incarnation of this place was a favorite of ours. I hope they are doing well

      1. I like this place better than the Thai restaurant in Beacon, my previous go-to. Food is flavorful and not greasy, and service is a pleasure.

        1. I'm happy to hear of it. I've been to the place in Beacon and thought it was great the first time, and just OK the second. Lemongrass in New Paltz has been hit or miss for me as well.

          1. i checked it out yesterday for lunch. was greeted by an older american gentleman, seated promptly. very quiet (pre holiday weekend?), his (thai) wife is the cook. they put a little box on your table, which has 3 lights - service, refill, and check. press the button, the light goes on. this way, as they say, you don't have to call a waiter over. i believe her daughter was the person serving.

            first - they do have a small lunchtime special menu - about 10-15 dishes, + soup and i think salad / drink for 8.95. i didn't get this.

            i decided to get the drunken noodles, as it's one of my favorite thai dishes. i was trying to express how spicy i wanted it, because the menu didn't include any peppers (peppers = tell us how spicy you want it). i said "not thai spicy, but just below", then when she was saying american mild, i said "no, make it spicy for americans - but mild for a thai person". ok.

            i got the noodles about 10 minutes later, and she brought over a tray with different jars..."this one is thai spicy, be careful; this one is mild, and this one is spicy, but be careful not to put too much on". mild didn't do anything for me, so i wound up putting on the spicy one, which was a thai red chile paste. kinda like kochujang (korean red chile paste), but i don't know the name for it.

            anyhow, that chile paste did the trick. i put on more and more, and it kicked in, which made things really good. the noodles were done right, not too greasy / etc., and the vegetables and chicken were cooked properly as well. quite tasty.

            i suspect they're worried, and properly so, about putting on too much spice for an audience not used to the kick in asian dishes.

            a person on yelp complained about the menu book, i thought that was a plus. also, many of the dishes are similar, so i don't hold that against the place. don't know about the other (negative) yelpers comments, since i didn't get those dishes.

            i found out that the chef's dishes are mainly reflective of the isan (northern) region.

            also, had a dessert dish - sticky rice with coconut on top and mango on the side. went together very nicely.

            i'll definitely go back next time i'm in the area. and it's nowhere near as good as top places in the city, but i didn't expect that.

            btw, i did NOT like lemongrass in new paltz at all. haven't been there in years, but i always thought they survived because they were the first thai place anywhere in the mid hudson region.

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              they have a call button? I don't think I've ever seen that before. What did you think of it? It sounds tacky to me. Thanks for the review. I'll have to give it a try.

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                The person I was dining with thought it was really cool. In a fancier restaurant it would probably be tacky, but I didn't think too much of it one way or another. There was only one other table that was full in the restaurant, so it was sort of unnecessary the night I was there.

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                  I ended up having dinner there the night I made this post and agree that it wasn't tacky. It wasn't needed but not a big deal.

                  The food was very good. I had the drunken noodles based on the recommendations from this thread. Ever since moving up here from the city we've been unable to find decent Thai and this is the first time I wasn't disappointed. I really like that they provide you with some hot sauces, spices and oils to season the dish to your own preferences. I have never been to Thailand but from watching No Reservations it sounds like this is very typical over there. Nice to have an authentic place in the Fishkill area.

                  Golden Buddha is a HUGE improvement over the previous owners.

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                    I didn't get the sauces, spices, and oils! Maybe b/c I asked for it to be very spicy so they figured I didn't need additional seasoning. ;-) That sounds nice though.

            2. Went here tonight. I got the drunken noodles, and ordered them "very hot", which appears to be the highest level of spice they offer, but maybe Thai spicy is above that? I'm a spicy food addict, and the waitress asked me a couple of times "Are you sure?" It was the perfect level of spiciness for me, just enough to make my nose water a bit. I love the drunken noodles at Sukhothai, and these were nearly comparable. I'll go back and try other dishes. The only complaint I have is that it looked like you couldn't order a side salad, all the salad dishes on the menu appeared to be large, and at entree prices. But maybe I just missed it.

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                Golden Buddha does have side salads available. Just ask the waitress.

              2. i finally got a chance to check out golden buddha last night. i ordered my staples--curry puffs, chicken pad thai, and mango with sticky rice--to go. the total was about $26.

                i was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of food. the curry puffs were different from the ones at thai golden in carmel. the ones in carmel are more like curry flavored knishes with carrots in the filling. the ones at golden buddha had dumpling skins. they were deep fried and came with a spicy/sour dipping sauce. they were a little soggy, due to the 20 minute ride home, but delicious. my husband really liked them.

                the pad thai was very good. the noodles were perfect and the taste was great. i'm glad that in a pinch i can get good thai food in fishkill. i ate half for dinner last night and then finished it for lunch today. i had been a little nervous ordering pad thai because i've been getting undercooked, bland noodles in the past from other thai restaurants in the area (excluding aroi). i would definitely order it again.

                the mango with sticky rice was great. my husband and i finished it in record time.

                i was very pleased with the food. it took a little while for the restaurant to prepare my takeout order, but the restaurant was pretty bustling for a monday night. the waitstaff was very nice. while i was waiting, i got a chance to look at the menu binder...it was extensive, but mostly because it included pictures of most of the dishes.

                all in all, a very good dining experience. i would definitely recommend it.

                1. I'm from Northern Indiana but visiting friends in Fishkill. I stopped by here to get some drunken noodles in take-out. They were great. I especially appreciate that there was lots of fresh flavors and zero undue greasiness. I don't recall specifying a spiciness level, although they did tell me it was among their spicier items. Fine by me, and what I got was what I would call moderately hot: I still had some tongue-tingling minutes after finishing, but at no point was they heat strong enough to stop me eating. It would be too spicy for those shy of spice and for most American kids. They sent me off with a little plastic container of what looked like Sambal Oelek (sp?), to kick up the heat and a touch of sweet, which I tried and liked toward the end.

                  I wish there were a handy place this good near me in Indiana!