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Jun 25, 2010 07:57 AM

aperitivo in florence

Looking for a few places in florence to enjoy a pre dinner drink, away from the tourists and not in any guidbooks. area doesnt matter, just looking for the real thing!

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  1. The Astoria Hotel near the Duomo has a beautiful rooftop bar that over looks the city. It is opened when the weather is good.

    1. Having a drink on the steps of Chiesa Sant'Ambrogio at sunset is a delightful experience; we went there often. Caffè Sant'Ambrogio (right on the piazza) serves some snacks at aperitivo time. Bring your plate and your glass to the steps; it's more convivial than sitting at one of the indoor or outdoor tables.

      If you are interested in free (but not gourmet) food with your drink (for us, it was in lieu of dinner), try:
      Mastrodivino, Viale Antonio Gramsci, 4-red (huge buffet; mostly local young people & students)
      Wine Bar Nabucco Via Santa Reparta at Via 27 Aprile (big buffet; more touristed but not entirely)

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        I recently came across this list of "real thing" aperitivi bars across the Arno -- but I've not tried them and I don't know how old this list is. But the list is so long, you might find something that appeals to you that you can track down.

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          ooooops. I just noticed you said "not in any guidebooks." That list is from a guidebook. But maybe you want to read it anyway.

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            I certainly didnt intend to sound like I doonr appreciate the guidebooks, because I use them and rely on them heavily with all my travels.
            thanks for the link to the "real thing "aperitivos. I will check it out and hopefully find a few places that will work out