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good eats on long beach island - nj

been going for years, but always looking for some good hidden gems. some of our old stand bys include yellow fin, raimondos, harvery cedars shell fish, plantation. looking for some other suggestions. thx all!

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  1. LaSpiaggia Has been our Favorite for many years.
    Excellent Service along with very Superb Food.
    Finer Dining Italian fare.
    A nice change from the hustle and bustle of LBI.

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      I agree, La Spiaggia is definitely my favorite fine dining experience down in LBI.

      I took some pictures last week when I was there. I hope you can view them w/ this link.


      I will add more as I can!


      La Spiaggia Restaurant
      357 W 8th St, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

    2. thx, have been wanting to go there for some time and always seem to end up at raimondos. we actually ended up going to plantation - always expensive, but actually really enjoyed it. will have to get to la spiaggia!

      1. We used to hit M&M Steam Bar every visit on the island, but it has been most disappointing so far this year. The seafood quality is just not what it was in years past. -mJ

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          thx, ever been to the 18th street cafe in barnegat light?

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            we ended up going to 18th street cafe. decor is definitely homey and a bit dated - you wont be wowed. THAT SAID, food was awesome - the fish was some of the freshest i've had(compliments of viking village - right down the road) and they did non fish dishes very well also. bottom line there is somethign for everyone here - even kids and highly reccomend it. it also happens to be a byo!

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            I'm sorry to hear that - I have some great memories of the M&M. First place I ever had clams on the half shell. And they were dee-licious.

          3. my favorite dinner restaurant on lbi is the beach house in beach haven terrace. Phenomenal seafood combos and the best crab cakes i've ever had!! There also open for breakfast on the weekends, but i've never been. The dinner there though is outstanding

            1. A hidden gem, though very casual.... is the Holiday Snack Bar in Beach Haven. It's kind of a locals only feel, bar stools and no AC; but they have THE best burgers around. They are also famous for their apple crisp, which is heaven and their cakes which are a mile high. I love Yellow Fin too, but when I am craving some 'beach food' I go there. It's super cheap and everyone I know LOVES it.

              Holiday Snack Bar
              401 Centre St, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

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                I almost don't want to sing the praises of the Holiday Snack Bar... it's a gem, a real throwback. We have to go once every visit to LBI, even if it means waiting in line. Many days, they--if you can believe this--don't have any lights on in the place, it's entirely lit by natural light coming in the windows. So you feel something's different/calmer/nicer but can't exactly put your finger on it. They don't have very reliable air-conditioning, it's cooled by breezes coming in the windows. And people scoot their stools around so you can get your boisterous part-of-8 seated together. The food isn't the main reason to go, although it's really good. The reason to go is that it's a look back into small seaside "snack bars" of the 50's, and it hasn't been kitsch-ified. Wonderful spot.

                Holiday Snack Bar
                401 Centre St, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

              2. I think Howards is also nice.