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Jun 25, 2010 07:42 AM

Which Washington Avenue Asian Place?

We're going to the Italian Market tomorrow and I promised the Mrs we would go to one of the Asian places (even though its killing me not to go to George's or Paesano's) next time we were down there. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks very much in advance for the guidance.

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    1. In that area, I've been to Nam Phuong, Pho 75, and one other place in the plaza whose name I forget. I think that Nam Phuong is the most notable of the three, even though I personally didn't much care for the service or the ambience. They have a seriously extensive menu and pretty sizable portions.

      Also wondering if you were looking for another cuisine aside from Vietnamese on Wash Ave, since you say you're looking for Asian places? I don't think there are any Asian restaurants there aside from the Vietnamese ones...

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        I would suggest PHO 75 if you want pho, or Nam Phuong for other Vietnamese food. Parking at NP is horrible, just to give you a heads up.

        There are a couple korean (i think korean) BBQ spots around that area also. I'm just not sure if they are worthwhile to visit or not since I have never tried them.

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          There's Cafe de Laos at 11th and Washington.

          I recently tried Le Viet, the new Vietnamese place on 11th a few doors north of Washington and was pleasantly surprised. Didn't like Nam Phuong on my only visit.

          1. re: Buckethead

            love that place (cafe de laos). BYO, there's a wine store just a block south on 11th. you won't find as many asians dining there, in case that's how you judge a restaurant's worth, but i don't (because by that same token, one might assume applebees is quality authentic american food :)). cafe de laos is definitely unpretentious, darn good laotian/thai food in a really cute atmosphere with friendly servers.

            as far as vietnamese, i'd agree with the other poster, it's good, but service is brisk and ambiance is... well... i guess what you'd expect from a huge warehouse of a restaurant in the middle of a big vietnamese neighborhood! mad cheap though. i stuffed my face for $9, including a glass of wine.

        2. Pho at the place in the strip mall at 6th and Washington - in the mall, the last store on the 6th street side. I never rememmber its name, but I remember its pho!

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          1. re: Bigley9

            It's called Pho Ha. It's my favorite pho place down there, though none are really bad. Pho Ha also serves bun (vermicelli bowls), while Pho 75 only has pho. Pho Hoa on 11th is good, too, and is not strictly pho. If you like bun bo hue, Cafe Diem is worth a visit.

            Beyond noodle soup, Nam Phuong is the best Vietnamese in the city as far as I can tell, though I haven't been to the new La Viet. The service and ambiance are lacking, as mentioned, but it's a big step up from a hole in the wall like Cafe Diem or the cafeteria feel of Pho Ha. It's also nicer than any of the taquerias down there. The food and prices are great.

            1. re: barryg

              I second Pho Ha. The pho dishes are very user friendly/ completely customizable and so so cheap.