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Jun 25, 2010 06:36 AM

expanding breakfast palette

i want to eat new breakfast food. i love a greasy spoon, occasionally i'll pony up for something a little fancy but rarely is it ever outside the eggs/pancake/waffle world of breakfast foods. what can toronto offer in terms of atypical (from a western viewpoint) breaky?

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  1. There are countless options for Dim Sum all over the GTA. Try a traditional Jamaican breakfast of saltfish, ackee, calaloo and dumplins at any of the great West Indian restaurants too! (The Ritz downtown is great IMO) Greek pastries to be found on the Danforth, there must be countless others I'm missing I'm sure.

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      Lebanese or Ethiopian restaurants (check online menus at Dukem, Lalibela, etc.) that are open for breakfast often offer foul/ful (pronounced "fool"), which is simmered fava beans with some stir-ins to make a hearty breakfast bowl. Some south Indian restaurants (Anjappar Chettinad) will have idli and sambhar, dosas and some deep-fried bread items or, if you still want eggs, spiced eggs. Slavic places might offer burek, a breakfast pastry made with filo, oil or butter and filled with cheese, meat or veggies. I'd love to find a restaurant that does a Turkish breakfast spread (bread, butter, honey, jams, beyaz peynir cheese, cured black olives, sliced oranges, basturma (not unlike pastrami), coffee and tea.

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