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Jun 25, 2010 06:28 AM

Looking for Ceili Cottage updates

Any one been to Ceili Cottage lately? How was your experience?

Ceili Cottage
1301 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

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  1. I go there pretty often, it's my local, but as the food has not dazzled me in the past, I usually just stick to the tried and true good stuff like the oysters, the housemade country ham, the bread and butter (so good), the kettle chips, etc. Bar food and pints on the patio - I like it.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      I would agree. Love the vibe, the patio, etc. Really enjoyed the oysters and kettle chips. The sticky toffee pudding was great.

    2. Had a potato soup last week which was really really yummy. But the food varies. Atmosphere is great though. I enjoy my meals there.

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      1. re: jlunar

        The Irish Oysters are divine, but pricey. One word of caution about the Irish mussels: they are tasty, but tiny. You'll still be hungry after a $14 bowl. I made the mistake of ordering 9 oysters (3 Irish and 6 Canadian, which were tiny that day) plus a bowl of mussels. I was still very hungry and had to add some bread to my order to fill me up. I wound up spending quite a lot of money, just to fill up on bread. Other dishes looked much more substantial, obviously. Someone at a neighbouring table had the mutton stew with champ and it looked hearty and delicious. The hash of the day, which was steak and kidney, was also hearty, but I found the flavours lacklustre.

        1. re: 1sweetpea

          Another word of caution. Bread doesn't come with the mussels - it's a separate order. So make that, tiny, tasty, and troublesome. Given that the mussels or already overpriced, it's a bit stingy.

          Ceili Cottage is a beautifully designed space, and it smells good in the winter, but for comfort, ease, and hospitality, I'm happy to take spend my money on the Stranger's patio instead.

          Ceili Cottage
          1301 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

          1. re: Jane.T

            Awww, that's so disappointing about the mussels. No reason for a puny portion at that price...

      2. My experience has been pretty much like everyone else. I enjoy the oysters - I get the PEI malpeques -- and they've been of regular satisfying size so far, the kettle chips and the bread. I just realize I've never had a full meal there though. It's a snacky kind of place for me. Love the beer selection and the atmosphere.

        1. So to sum up, people go there for the decor and drinks, not the food. That sounds about right.

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          1. re: Googs

            Meanwhile, I had just about the best burger i've had in a LONG time last wedensday at the Cottage. And some perfectly baked oysters (thunder oak gouda, panko, garlic, butter, etc.). They oysters were just touched with heat and the cheese melted. Yeah, it ain't Canoe or Scaramouch (or even Starfish for that matter) but the food I've had has been good.

            1. re: Googs

              No, what I've eaten there has been good. I think of it more of a place where I graze while on the patio. That's not to say I would consider going back when it's not patio season and eat more of a hearty meal which would appeal to me more in the winter anyways.

            2. The desserts were my favourite when we went there last weekend. The sticky toffee pudding was very tasty and the Bailey's chocolate tart filling was lovely (tart crust was horrid but I pretended it was part of the plate). The first course was more mixed---off blue cheese and mushrooms on toast (very generous on the mushrooms but "toast" lacked toastiness); the lake trout was fine and the apparently authentic Celtic barley, curry... something salad was... unusual. I don't know what else to say since I still can't say if I liked it or not. I had a couple of cooked oysters and they were good but expensive. My companion had the chicken with spinach and carrots side and it seemed to be good.

              But the desserts---yes, those were noteworthy!