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Jun 25, 2010 05:12 AM

Birthday Lunch

I would like to arrange a birthday lunch for my mother, who is turning 55, and some of her close friends. Can anyone recommend a nice place to bring them that wouldn't be too pretentious but would also have that 'lovely' quality that makes them feel special?

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  1. gryphon d'or tea room, 5966 monkland. need reservation.
    the ladies in my family have had some wonderful gatherings here! i missed them but heard the raves. they do a traditional tea with tons of choices, lovely accompaniments and scones, plus a good light lunch menu.

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      Fabulous idea. This is their afternoon tea, I believe they usually do it 2:30 or later, you'd have to check with them. Also note that they're closed on weekends throughout the summer. Scones & jam, loose tea in a pot, three-tiered tray of sandwiches (cuke, smoked salmon, chopped egg) and three-tiered tray of an assortment of shortbread and squares of all kinds. Delicious and most moms would love it. It's $20 per person, last time I checked.