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Jun 24, 2010 10:30 PM

Where Oh Where is There An Authentic French Patisserie on the Gold Coast

Hi fellow Chow Hounds....does anyone know the whereabouts of an Authentic French Patisserie in the Gold Coast area?

I know the Gold Coast is only young and is lacking the European Influences of our other larger cities, but will someone pleeeeeeese open one. I did find a bakery porporting itself as a French bakery recently with a French name to go with it (which shall remain nameless) only to find a Vietnamese Baker working behind the scenes....not exacly authentic. I did however sample a number of his tasty morsels.....sorry just didn't cut it. The strawberries on the tartlett were rotten the next day...hmmmm not exactly fresh.

I envy those of you living in Melbourne or Sydney with all that European influence to choose from. Perhaps a 'care package' for me when next you visit the Gold Coast. (-:


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  1. Interestingly some of the best croissants I have enjoyed in Sydney came from a local Vietnamese bakery (and I speak as someone who once lived in Paris). Baking was one of the colonial legacies France left to Vietnam and so Vietnamese bakers are often very good, and do deliver authentic French goods. I wouldn't dismiss them because of one bad experience.

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      Thanks PhilD for your feedback and insight. You're right, one bad experience doesn't represent the majority and I am sure having lived in Paris you would know a good croisaant from a bad. Just didn't expect that some of the best would come from Vietnamese bakers.

    2. Try absynthe bakery at circle on cavill unless it is the bakery which shall remain nameless. I am assuming it is still there. I did not pay attention to the nationality of the baker though the chef at absynthe restaurant is belgian, which is close to france at least.

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        Thanks for that but yep....that's the one shall remain nameless. Perhaps I shall give them another try.