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Jun 24, 2010 09:57 PM

Feeling uninspired... penny for your thoughts.

Well, gang, it's that time again... I'm ringing in another year of existence. Want to do something great for dinner tomorrow night (just me and Mr. G), but none of the website menus are drawing me in. My first choice is Cucina Urbana, but there are no reservations. Also considering Wine Vault and I usually have good meals there, but Friday nights are crowded and my most recent meal there was actually kind of bad. Looked at Starlite and I hear their food is good, but the sample menu just made me groan... feels like every restaurant in San Diego's doing that kind of food.

Where would you go? Somewhere with a little pizzazz, a little different from the norm. And don't tell me San Diego doesn't have it!

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  1. I just wrote a review of Kous Kous in another thread, had an awesome dinner there last night. If you like Moroccan food, you'll enjoy it for sure. And no short ribs or mac and cheese!

    1. It's not about pizazz here, but it will provide a unique and different experience unlike any other in S.D...

      See if you can convince Oton to let you have one of their raised Japanese rooms (I've always been with a group, so don't know if they'll handle a party of 2), then enjoy a nice, comforting meal with some Sake. For me Japanese traditional dining almost always means physical relaxation and a chance to destress, so take your shoes off, relax, and enjoy your meal!

      For the next few hours you'll swear you're in Japan where as much as they cant' seem to stop working, they really know how to wind down too!

      1. Kaito never disappoints. Have you been?

        1. How about a lobster dinner for 2 at The Palm, $89.95 for a 4 lb Maine lobster with all the fix'ins. Nice place and a great deal. Remember, you never get old, just better.

          1. Happy hour at the Marine Room with the waves crashing against the glass..
            Nine-Ten in LJ for dinner and then a nice walk down to LJ Cove sitting on a bench, kissing the night away!
            Whaling bar at La V for an after dinner drink..just make sure your lip gloss is back on.. ; )

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              BC, I love the way you think :-)

              If La Jolla isn't the destination, my alternative would be drinks at the JBar and then dinner at JSix