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Jun 24, 2010 08:32 PM

It's in the French Quarter but not touristy...

ok, i have no name for this joint, but it's in the FQ, it has a girl or woman's name as the name of the restaurant (it's not elizabeth's but it could be Stella??? possibly), and it doesn't take reservations, and it's more of a locals restaurant even though it's somewhere in the French Quarter.

anyone have a clue what this restaurant would be???


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  1. Irene's?

    They take reservations now, but still lot of locals.

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    1. re: superk

      that may be it. did they take reservations like say about 3 or 4 years ago? how recent is the taking reservations system?

      thanks for the help.

      1. re: kevin

        They've been taking reservations for at least 3 years now, but it seems a lot of people still think they don't.

        My recollection is pre-K they didn't. Could be wrong.

        1. re: superk

          anyhow, is it a pretty food restaurant with regards to food? thanks again.

          1. re: kevin

            Irene's is wonderful. I'm not from New Orleans, but my family and I have been dining there for years. Nice creole-Italian, great service.

            Why the fixation on reservations?

            1. re: superk

              oh, someone told me in describing it that they don't take reservations, it's a locals place, and it's in the quarter, and it was a woman's name. based on that i was trying to see if the hounds could help me in figuring out what restaurant they were talking about.

              thanks again. much appreciated.

    2. This sounds like it has to be Irene's. Stella's has always taken reservations; it's very upscale and certainly is on the tourist map (or at least that of the well-heeled tourist).

      Irene's probably started taking reservations on a regular basis about three years ago, maybe a little longer. But there was a period when sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldn't, kind of depended who you got on the phone. It is definitely a locals favorite although many tourists find their way there. It used to be a definite "no reservations" place, with long waits for a table, and, as someone else has said, lots of locals still think it has the NR policy.

      1. If it is Irene's, here is a link to a review and some thoughts by posters of another forum:

        1. Pre-Katrina, we went to Irene's on Christmas Eve without reservations and were told they only took reservations twice a year--Christmas Eve and NY Eve. Do they now take reservations all of the time?