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Jun 24, 2010 08:05 PM

Tri Tip In Santa Maria / San Luis Obispo

Can anyone make restaurant recommendations for delicious tri tip in the Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo?

We will not be in town during the weekend. Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Are you looking for traditional "Santa Maria Style Barbecue", or just Tri-Tip?

    As you probably well know, the best and most authentic way to find Tri-Tip is in the parking lots in santa maria on a weekend, served with salsa, pinquito beans, toasted french bread, and green salad. (


    Farmers Market in Down Town San Luis Obispo on a Thursday night is your best bet for a traditional Santa Maria style presentation with the sides.

    For a lunch i highly recommend the tri-tip sandwich from the Arroyo Grande Meat Company in old town arroyo grande. It is a traditional butcher shop that serves lunch sandwiches using their meats. They serve the tri-tip on a sandwich with bbq sauce and thus is not really traditional santa maria style.

    Also, Jockos does not serve Tri-Tip but their steaks are amazing, prepared over oak in an open pit, and with the traditional sides. I recommend the spencer.

    1. If you are able to extend your visit the 2nd annual Wild West BBQ Bash takes place Saturday in Santa Maria's Priesker Park; People's Choice tastings are $2, and the competition includes tri-tip alongside the more traditional competition meats.