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Jun 24, 2010 06:27 PM

Thai Tanic in Montgomeryville

Saw a menu in my Trend xtra mailer today for this thai place and my hopes are high. Gonna check it out this weekend if possible. I might have nipped over there tonight but I had already placed my order with Uncle Greg's BBQ in Lansdale and I can't say I regret my choice. I am getting addicted to their pulled pork. I'm happy that so many new places are opening in my area. The privacy papers have come down at the Amber Asian Cafe in Lansdale and I see that a Deli is due to open where the Coldstone Creamery was as well. Makes me glad it is too hot to cook. :)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The place gets points on the name alone!

      1. We ate at Thai Tanic last night. My family was the only customers in the restaurant other than a person who came in to pick up an order. We were not impressed. The food was bland and overcooked. The noodles were very overcooked. We ordered an appetizer, "Tofu Tod," which consisted of 5 little pieces of very greasy fried tofu. We did not feel the amount of tofu was worth the cost of the appetizer. I am disappointed....we wanted to have a new Thai restaurant to add to our list of places to eat.

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            That's a shame as I would have gone there just for the name.

            Just as an FYI, carbs, the Thai offerings at Vic Sushi are very good if you are looking for a new Thai place in the area.

            1. re: mitchh

              Thanks mitchh I'll check it out! I predict one of these sweltering nights I'm not gonna want to cook.

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                have you tried Nadia in Lansdale yet? (113 Walnut, Next to some dive bar, across from the train station)
                we have (admittedly) gotten one or to "meh" dishes there but overall the foods' been great. (r.i.p. moon dumplings, my favorite menu item)

                1. re: cgarner

                  Been there many times. Had one jarring experience when there was no manager on duty and things were out of hand, so now I get my meals from there to go. Before it got so hot I was on a quest to make my own thai food seeing as how Assi Market is so close. One thing about the bar next door, if you want some beer with your thai it's certainly convenient as Nadia is byob.

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                    Have to agree that Thai Tanic is not good and I've eaten there twice. Nadia's in Lansdale is much better. The place in Doylestown (Thai Spice? NOT NOT Siam Cuisine) is pretty good as well. But, if you want really good Thai I think you have to go into the city......

                    1. re: Schpsychman

                      What would be a good place to go in the city Schpsychman? And how does Thai Orchid measure up in your opinion? It is in the blue bell area in the ihop shopping center.

                      1. re: givemecarbs

                        I like Thai Orchid a lot. I've eaten there 3-4 times, at Spice Thai 3-4 times, and at Nadia dozens of times. Orchid has a more attractive atmosphere (and safer parking) than Nadia. Their food may be a little better, although Nadia's green curry is excellent. It's hard to say any of the three is best, but (based on my love of curries and Tom Kha Gai), I'd rank them, top-down: Spice Thai, Thai Orchid, then Nadia. But the difference is small..

                        1. re: randcraw

                          We had lunch at Thai Orchid today. Fabulous as always. I have been been to Spice Thai, but I did not like Nadia at all.

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                            Spice Thai had me when they poured my tea out of an elephant teapot, the tea flowed from it's trunk! I really need to get back there.

                              1. re: crazyspice

                                Spice Thai is the small Thai restaurant on State Street in Doylestown near the County Theatre. The restaurant has changed names several times over the years but still puts out nice food.


                                1. re: crazyspice

                                  If you go for lunch on tues-sat. you can hit the cupcake place only a block away!

            2. My friend and I finally got around to trying this place last night. It was quiet and peaceful, and we were the only ones dining, but a couple did come for carry out while we were there. The food came very quickly and it was just the experience we needed. Very relaxing.
              My chicken curry was great and my friend was happy with his chicken pad thai. I had a taste of it and it was not really to my liking but we ate recently at thai orchid and he got the pad thai there, and when I tried it I was not impressed. My friend rated them about equal but the gorgeous decor at thai orchid made his experience there more pleasurable.
              I've read recently that pad thai varies from region to region in Thailand and that only makes sense. I like the pad thai at Thai Nadia but I'm a noob to thai food. At nadia you get lots of chopped peanuts and they go heavy on the tamarind juice. The place next to Pudge's, Pho Thai Nam, does a good job too but I don't like how they just toss some sliced tofu on top. Even I can manage to fry up delicious golden toasted cubes of tofu so it seems to me that they are just being lazy, but I could be wrong about that.
              Going back to Thai Tanic soon to eat my way through their inexpensive lunch menu to become a little more knowledgeable about thai food.

              1. My husband and I tried Thai Tanic on Friday, October 22nd, and our experience was dismal except for the service. We are new to the area and have eaten at Nadia once, which was not a standout but we had a couple good dishes there. I was hoping to find a better Thai place, and this was my birthday dinner. I was sorely disappointed!

                One table of four was eating when we arrived. A few people came in for take-out orders while we were there. We ordered a bowl of Tom Kha Gai (under $5 - we order this at every Thai restaurant we try) and a grilled beef salad ($7.95) to start. We did not place entree orders, as we wanted to "test" the appetizers first. Other menu selections sounded appealing, heightening my hopes. The salad was to have had grilled beef over a salad of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, dressed in a spicy lime dressing. It is a dish I have enjoyed at other restaurants.

                The soup came first, and it was barely passable. Very salty and sour, no hint of sweetness. Neither one of us were rushing to eat it, and three quarters of the bowl remained when our salad arrived ten minutes later. This is when things took a turn for the worse. A small plate of lettuce arrived with a tiny serving of small pieces of soggy beef on top. No onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, or other ingredients. The sad pile was dressed in, again, a very sour and salty dressing with no other notes. This salad was not worth paying for, let alone paying eight dollars for, so we asked to have it removed from our bill (due to the fact that it did not include a number of the ingredients advertised in the menu), and to have our check brought to us.

                Our waitress was personable and efficient throughout. We left with empty bellies and drove aimlessly for 20 minutes until we happened upon Aman, and Indian restaurant.

                I wish it had been better. I see someone else had a good experience, but ours was so bad I won't be giving it a second chance. Looking forward to trying Thai Spice in Doylestown, and I would also love some good recommendations in or closer to the city.

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                  Ugh. Sorry your birthday dinner there sucked. Thai Orchid in Bluebell has a gorgeous decor and some nice offerings. I'm a thai cuisine noob though and I have never tried the salads there.