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Jun 24, 2010 06:21 PM

Memphis TN to Grenada MS restaurant recommendations needed

I will be flying into Memphis, staying in Grenada, MS for a night and flying back out from memphis the next day. I am looking for a recommendation on lunch that is on my way between Memphis and Grenada, preferably close to 55, closer to memphis since I land at noon and relatively quick. Also dinner recommendation at/near Grenada. I am figuring I will get dinner at Interstate BBQ at the airport on my way back.

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  1. Where are you staying in Grenada. Jake and Rips best place to eat in Grenada. Way too many in Memphis to list. Interestate near AP, more.............good luck.........

    Jake and Rips @ 1525 Sunset Dr., Grenada, MS 662 - 227 - 9955.

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      I love Jake and Rips. They serve almost everything, everything I've eaten there has been good, and it's named after the owner's best friends from childhood - his two dogs.

    2. Tops BBQ in Southaven at Exit 291 just off I 55 would be your best best S of Memphis and S of the AP.

      Tops BBQ @ 541 Stateline Road West, Southaven, MS 662 - 393 - 7488.

      If you want to stop a little further S in Hernando at Exit 290 is Memphis St. Cafe just a little W of I 55 downtown Hernando for some good lunch food.

      Memphis St. Cafe @ 2476 Memphis St., Hernando, MS 662 - 429 - 9299.

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        If Memphis Street Cafe is the place I'm thinking of, I would certainly second it! They have the usual burgers, po-boys and salads, but where they really shine is the eastern European stuff on the menu or on the specials. I had some cabbage rolls there on my one and only visit and they were to die for!

        In Grenada, High on the Hog BBQ doesn't have a lot of atmosphere, just a walk up window, but their cheeseburgers are really, really good. I can't even tell you why- I just know that whenever I get one I end up saying "Damn, that was a good cheeseburger"!

        Memphis Street Cafe
        2476 Memphis St, Hernando, MS 38632

      2. Please, please stay in Greenwood, not Grenada. Stay at the Alluvian Hotel, which is a 4 star hotel and way out of place in the Delta, and is only there by grace of hte Viking Stove Co. IT is a spectacular hotel, and by far the cheapest among Condee Nast's 500 best worldwide. You should eat at Lusco's and order the pompano. These are really memorable experiences. You will love it, and dine out on the experience for weeks.

        If you stay in Grenada, go the other direction. There's a honky tonk just west of town. If you go into your hotel bar wearing upscale busness attire, one or more people will suggest you go there when the hotel bar closes. You will love it and dine out on the experience for weeks.

        Alluvian Hotel
        318 Howard St, Greenwood, MS

        722 Carrollton Ave, Greenwood, MS 38930