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Jun 24, 2010 05:06 PM

Tru since Tramonto's departure?

Hey all, I'm going to be visiting Chicago during the July 4th weekend and have a Lettuce Entertain You gift card to use. I had narrowed it down to L20 and Tru.Based on the menu's and $$$ I'm leaning towards Tru, but I'm a little wary since Chef Tramanto recently left. So does anyone have any recent reports or thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Lettuce Entertain You
2171 Northbrook Ct, Northbrook, IL 60062

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  1. I'm visiting Chicago from NYC this weekend, and am dining at Tru tomorrow night. I'll let you know.

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      Looking forward to your report... I'm actually coming from the NYC area as well so I'm interested to see how it compares to our local offerings.

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        Just returned from our trip to Chicago. Tru was very good/excellent (food was very good; service was excellent). If you're familiar with the high level of service at Eleven Madison Park, Tru's service follows the same high standard. There was nothing that our captain wouldn't and didn't do for us. We liked a number of things on the prix fixe menu. We also wanted to try some of the things on the luxury menu (foie gras and wagyu beef). We asked about the foie gras, and our captain told us it's a whole lobe usually served to a table of 4. We asked whether the chef could make us a smaller portion for an appetizer, and our captain said certainly. We also wanted to try the wagyu beef. My sister also wanted 2 appetizers. We asked whether we could have 2 appetizers from the prix fixe, an additional foie gras appetizer, and the 3 oz. wagyu beef. Again, our captain said this would be no problem for the chef.

        My sister started with the heirloom beets and apple salad with a trio of mousses (celery root, goat cheese, and I forgot the third). She loved everything about the dish. I started with the scallops, osetra caviar and lemongrass that was wonderful. The lemongrass worked beautifully with the scallops, and you can never go wrong with osetra caviar.

        My sister's second course was the green asparagus and morel mushroom feuillette. This was another winner for my sister since she loves both asparagus and morel mushrooms. My second course was the langoustine, lobster quenelles, saffron potato and bouillabaisse. This was a nice course (only one smallish langoustine). The lobster quenelles were lovely and was the bouillabaisse.

        Our third course was the special seared foie gras course. The portion size was generous, but my sister’s portion was slightly underdone (blood in her piece).
        The wagyu beef was next and looked lovely. It was served with cippolini onions and shaved truffles. Unfortunately, the beef was not as tender as other wagyu beef dishes that I’ve had.

        Service was wonderful all through dinner. Bread was great too. We loved the brioche rolls. It was a bit warm in the restaurant, and we must have drunk a half dozen bottles of water. The A/C is controlled by the office building, and hopefully, now that the hot weather has settled in, the building will up the A/C.

        We shared a cheese course, and following the cheese, I chose the sorbets that were very refreshing. The dessert trolley was rolled over, and we were full, but chose the pate de fruits and macarons.

        While the food was not as amazing as I remember it from seven years ago, the service was phenomenal, and I look forward to returning to Tru on my next visit to Chicago.

    2. Everything else is staying pretty much the same, so for the time being you shouldn't have any concerns.

      It's not as if Tramonto was preparing meals there nightly (he stopped in a couple of times a month from wht I've heard).

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        I had heard the same, that Tramonto wasn't there much anyway. I actually think Tru is better now than it was a few years ago when Tramonto opened the other restaurants. His energy was being spent elsewhere and it showed.

        We have been to Tru many times pretty much from the beginning. Our last two meals there in May and in February were both outstanding. Maybe not to the standards when Tramonto was actually in the kitchen but it was still very, very good.