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Jun 24, 2010 03:19 PM

Nice restaurant in Strathmere, NJ??

Hi we are going down to Strathmere tomorrow and would like to eat some nice seafood at a reasonable price. Suggestions?? Thanks!

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  1. Mildred's on Commonwealth is the place to go - delicious food, homemade pasta, reasonable prices. they do not have a liquor license, which is another bonus (in my book, at least). They have a fair amount of seafood on the menu and always has specials.

    I would avoid the Deauville (unless you're going for drinks - their food isn't all that good, esp. for the prices), and the Italian place across the street treats anyone other than regulars like you-know-what. I waited an hour, with a reservation, while they sat their regulars before those already waiting. I had a summer rental for years in Strathmere and all the locals go to Mildred's.

    1. Second the Mildred's recommendation. I started frequenting it on my yearly visits to Sea Isle after a glowing recommendation from friends who had a shore house. I was not disappointed! I can't wait until the last week of July when I can have my yearly fix.

      Be sure to ask for the homemade pasta as a side dish!

      1. Hi!

        We are heading back to Strathmere for a week this time and are in search of casual and inexpensive restaurants in the area...including Sea Isle and Ocean City. Thanks!!!

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          Hey there Spice,,,I cannot reccommend Mildred's at all. While the staff was friendly, Ive never seen a party of 6 seated fed and out in less than 45 minutes. The food at most was mediocre. Veal parm..must have been prepped and popped under the broiler...absolutely zero in the flavor dept. Bland sliced mozzarella, red herbs etc. I would compare this place to a so so diner, but in a nicer setting. Will admit the place was packed. But all food seemed to be convenience type,,,heated or fried..served up fast for turnover.
          As for Ocean City, most places are very basic and family oriented. Solid take out can be had at Boyar's on Asbury. Great buckets of BBQ Chicken for the kids to Grilled Beef Tenderloin for mom and dad. Their bags of fries are ample for 4 people. Awesome burgers etc. Georges on the boardwalk near 5th is a gem for breakfast. You must bring back some of his chocolate covered macaroons for later in the day! For seafood I like Spadaforas on Haven. Nothing out of the box but fresh and well cooked. Sack o Subs,,,on Asbury..awesome cheesesteaks and sandwiches for eat in or take out. I know this is quirky but my favorite wing place there is the Pizza Hut on Asbury..oven roasted until crisp..Ice Cream my family are Kohr's fanatics. I can take it or leave it. Hope you all have a great stay and good weather!

          Pizza Hut Restaurants
          2002 State Route 27, Edison, NJ 08817