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Jun 24, 2010 03:15 PM

Anyone have a peach ginger crisp or crumble recipe?

Found a bunch online but was wondering if anyone has a special recipe. Looking for one with crystallized ginger and ginger snaps. Thanks!

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  1. Halve peaches. Crumble a few ginger snaps. Mix them with the crystallized ginger (it's already in little pieces I assume), a little bit of flour, and some rolled oats and brown sugar (or substitute granola). Add nuts if desired (do slivered almonds go with ginger?). Put a pile of crumble mix on each peach half. Top with a few small dabs of butter. Bake till peaches are soft.

    Google "crumb-top" or "peach crumble" to get a basic idea about the amounts of flour, oats, butter to use if you haven't made a crumb topping before. It's a pretty forgiving dessert.