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Jun 24, 2010 03:00 PM

50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner -- La Jolla and north

My parents' 50th anniversary is coming up next month, and my dad has expressed an interest in splurging on a small celebratory dinner for family (a small group of no more than 8), and wants it to be very special for the occasion. He's not usually the type to spend a lot on going out, but wants to go "all out" this time, and he prefers spicy, meaty foods. My mom for health reasons restricts herself to seafood and vegetarian foods -- no butter. I'd like to recommend somewhere that will have exceptional food, something for everyone's diet, and an appropriately special, celebratory atmosphere. They live in San Marcos, so the best recommendations would be in La Jolla and north. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Let me be the first to suggest Addison. I'd call ahead and arrange a tasting menu based on your specifications. It's the perfect venue for this. And tell dad to bring his "big-daddy" wallet.

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      "All out" is definitely Addison. But be warned - it is expensive. My wife and I dropped $400 for dinner for the two of us on our anniversary. It was very good, but someone who as you say is "not usually the type to spend a lot on going out" should be forewarned as to the price.

      Anyway, I heartily recommend Addison.

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        Hard to imagine that you could do better than the Addison. For a group of 8 with some advance notice you could request the private room/chef's table. This room has a closed circuit TV into the kitchen prep area. It also has it's own private balcony for relaxing and getting fresh air between courses. For a group dinner you might also get them to pre arrange a tasting menu that takes into account your special needs. Similarly, you could pre-arrange wines with the sommelier, Jesse Rodriguez, at your taste and price point.

        I think the Amaya, also at the Grand Del Mar, has a private dining room in their wine cellar. Somewhat of a lower price point than the Addison, but beautiful and luxurios nonetheless.

        Congrats to your parents and good luck with whatever you choose!

        1. re: steveprez

          I have to 4th Addison. Can't beat their food and service. I'd bet they can cater to both of your parents' desires.

      2. Marine Room where waves crash against the floor to ceiling glass at high tide..gorgeous views and decent food..very old school.
        Happy 50th to your parents!

        1. How About Mille Fleure. They will accomodate any need that you might have. They have the market cornered on customer service. The chef can and has created customized menus, where there can be some choices built in, they have done this for my groups in the past and every one was impressed and accomodated.

          Mille Fleure in Rancho Santa Fe and it would not be far from San Marcos, the family could even splurge and get them a night at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Good Luck.

          1. I think you've gotten some great recommendations. Any of them would be fine.My recommendation is a little different.

            If you and your siblings (if any) can afford it, don't make Dad second guess any of this great evening by wondering "how much is this costing?".

            Just arrange to have you and any siblings pick up the tab. After all, any money you spend now, you will get back later if you catch my drift.

            If Mom and Dad weren't here, none of you would be here.

            Treat them to this dinner ;)

            And do enjoy and tell us all how it went.

            1. I would also suggest the Marine Room. I know Bernard and Ron will work with your dietary issues. Their Ceasar salad made tableside is great. Also, if your Dad insists on springing for dinner perhaps you could treat them to one of the beautiful rooms at the adjoining La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Congrats to them!

              Marine Room Restaurant
              2000 Spindrift Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037