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Jun 24, 2010 02:36 PM

Lunch near I-81 betrween Winchester and Harrisonburg, VA

Looking for a lunch spot between Winchester and Harrisonburg, VA.

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  1. Hiya prof - Don't know if you're looking for something specific - elegant or casual, diner or ethnic, but I remember the Spring House in Woodstock was always good, although I haven't been in awhile.

    In New Market there's Johnny Appleseed Restaurant and Southern Kitchens, both have decent food for a traveler.

    1. The Naked Oyster in Winchester is outstanding. Get off I 81 At Exit 31A. It's open for lunch/dinner and has some good road food.

      Naked Oyster @ 2444 Valley Avenue, Winchester, VA 540 - 678 - 0778.

      The Naked Oyster
      2444 Valley Ave, Winchester, VA 22601

      1. A must lunch stop is Jess' Quick Lunch located on the square in downtown Harrisonburg. They have another location near the Valley Mall, but the downtown location is the original. The atmosphere there is like stepping back in time. I love to eat at the counter. This place could be an episode of that Diners and Dives show on the food network.

        They are famous for their hot dogs, handmade burgers, and fries. It was one of our favorites when I attended JMU back in the day. Take the Rt. 33 west exit off of I-81, and it will take you right into downtown. Enjoy!

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          We enjoyed Thai Winchester at 24 N. Loudoun in Winchester the other day. Great location, great service, good pad thai.

          Thai Winchester Restaurant
          24 S Loudoun St, Winchester, VA 22601