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Jun 24, 2010 02:01 PM

Ridiculous Beer list at Maloney's, Matawan.

Anyone who's into craft beers needs to make a trip to Matawan and check out Maloney's pub. They have something like 200 bottles and at least 50 beers on tap. This place is crazy!

Beer prices are very reasonable, and the food's not bad either!

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  1. Do they actually have the beers cold and available this year? My wife brought me there last July as part of my birthday celebration and the first 4 beers I asked for were either not cold or unavailable. I finally settled on an Anchor Steam that I could have just gotten at the Wine Tree down the road.

    An aside about beer is if anyone happens to make their way up to Montreal and is a beer lover I highly recommend stopping at Dieu Du Ciel.

    They have some of the best beers my wife and I have ever had . I know they have some of their beers bottled and they are available at the Oak Tree Wines in South Plainfield which is obviously a little shorter of a drive.

    1. Maloney's is adding even more taps -- over 100 draft beers. Interesting idea, but I'm concerned that they don't have the volume of customers to keep that many beers fresh. And the clientele are often Buds, not Rogue Dead Guys, so I'm not sure the variety and quality will matter. Online comments suggest that their bottled beer collection is hit or miss as well.

      We dropped by Maloney's one night about a week ago for drinks and snacks and they had a live rock band blasting the place. The acoustics are awful and we couldn't hear ourselves think much less talk.

      The website has been under construction for months now. I suspect it seemed like a good idea but has turned out to be a data entry nightmare. Promotion of beer tastings on the website and on Facebook would go a long way towards bringing in the right clientele.

      A more well-rounded business plan would do a world of good. I hate to see another vacant shop on Main Street. Another 25 taps isn't the answer.