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Jun 24, 2010 12:38 PM

First meal in Acapulco, where should I go?

My husband and I are visiting Acapulco mid July and would like some recommendations of where we should eat our first meal. Really interested in any kind of food. Don't really want a formal, ritzy type area. Prefer local, informal. Thanks

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  1. I think I'd head to the centro historico . There are many many restaurants on the plaza and on adjacent side streets, most serving very good food and have great atmosphere. If you happen to arrive on a Thursday, that's pozole day in Acapulco, and not to be missed. There's a well known restaurant a couple of blocks off the main square that is famous for its pozole, but, alas, I don't remember its name. Another thought: On the main road heading towards Las Brisas and the airport, etc. there's a very well known "goat restaurant" on the ocean side of the road that we loved. I'm sure someone at your hotel would know it (as well as good pozole restaurants in old town) and asist you.

    I just remembered the name of the restaurant: El Cabrito (Duh!, what else would else would it be named?). If you eat meat and like Mexican food you'll enjoy it; it's local and informal, as are also virtually all the restaurants in old town.

    And I'm sure you know that it will be hot, humid, and rainy in Acapulco in July. Have a great trip!

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      dl: Thanks for responding to my question. I know about the rain, etc.... but we will make the most of it!

    2. I like the Elcano Hotel, the terrace is beautiful and you've a view of the beach. The food is very good too.

      1. Su Casa is my recommendation for the first, impressionable (of Acapulco) meal. The restaurant sits perched mountainside, with a spectacular view of the city and bay and the food is excellent.

        There aren't many good restaurants in the Centro district (never heard it referred to as "Centro Historico" before). An exception to that is probably El Amigo Miguel, my favorite seafood restaurant in the city popular with local residents as well as 'in the know' folks visiting from Mexico City.

        La CabaƱa Restaurant, right on the Caleta Beach, is hugely favored by locals and folks from Mexico City and it's about as local, and excellent (seafood, mostly) as you'll find. Easy to get to, comfortable and relaxed ... and priced right.

        For excellent local fare, close to everything but 'off the beaten path' as well, there's Casa de Tere which is one of my favorite restaurants in the city - particularly for pozole.

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          +1 for Su Casa. Go before sunset and bring a camera. It's a memory maker with good food and service and extraordinary views of the bay. I don't like to be Debby Downer, but my friends / hosts in fraccionamiento Las Brisas across the bay have a full staff and never eat in public places anymore. They are careful, and Guerrero state has had it's issues. Uniformed security may offer comfort in the hotel and tourist areas, but their starched pleats and creases are sharper than their skills.

        2. El Olvida is wonderful. Warning El Cabrito or whatever serves goat. Villa Verde is a hotel with a lot of movie stars and a great restaurant but can't remember the name, Bella Vista at the Brisas and the restaurant at El cano (Zambucco or something). hope this helps

          1. Just got back from Acapulco and the best meal we had (we tried all kinds of food, street and posh restos) was at La Trainera, Mercado de Mariscos. They have 2 locations, apparently the one at La Isla is better in terms of ambiance, but we didn't mind sitting in a terrace in a strip mall, when the food starting coming it was heaven! The freshest most delicious seafood and fish! And prices are reasonable. A total delight!