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Burger at the Ceili Cottage

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Wedensdays are Burger Day at the Cottage. It's a hand ground, hand formed, char-grilled burger, cooked to your liking. Mine was cooked a perfect medium as ordered. It was well seasoned and juicy, and it had a charred crust on the outside which I liked a lot. In short, it was a great burger, way better than most in town including Allen's.

It comes with bacon and cheese. The latter was great, a sharp cheddar, I think. The former, not so much. I think the rind was left on b/c one piece was so chewy that my teeth couldn't break through. It was like a rubber band. The other piece was undercooked and fatty.

So get to the Cottage for a cheeseburger, hold the bacon. Or maybe it was just an off night for the bacon. I would give that another chance.

Ceili Cottage
1301 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

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  1. Can you tell me what the price was for the burger, with and without the cheese and bacon? Also, did it come with anything on the side?

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    1. re: 1sweetpea

      $10 (great price IMO), with a side salad. i can't remember if that included the cheese and bacon. Weirdly, they don't serve the burger with fries and they had run out of kettle chips. Bummer.

    2. Sounds great. I like it when a restaurant will actually put care into their burger.

      so they only serve it on Wednesdays?

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      1. re: Jamie Eats Burgers

        Yeah, their gimmick is that they start with a giant hunk of animal on Sunday (could be lamb, beef, pork, mutton, etc) and each day of the week has a specific preparation of that animal
        Sunday: roast
        wednesday: burgers

        I don't know the other days off the top of my head.

        A while back I happened to go there two wednesdays in a row. They were serving the same lamb burger, which was okay. It kind of ruined the gimmick for me though.

      2. What was the bun like? The only time I saw it, it looked like some kind of whole wheat concoction. Which I don't want with a burger. No brioche, no 12-grain, give me soft white to sop up the juices every time. Sesame seeds optional.