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Jul 25, 2005 04:33 PM

Indian Buffets?

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A friend of mine keeps ranting and raving about her favorite Indian buffet, Ruchi in Overland Park, KS. While it's really tempting to take a road trip out there, I'd like to try to find good Indian buffets out in LA first. (we've been trying, but to no significant success).

Criteria: Extensive choices, including a variety of appetizers and entrees. Vegetarian friendly, which should be a given if there are a large variety of options (though I'd prefer not completely vegetarian). Good quality of food, obviously. Reasonably-priced would be lovely, but if it's really good, we'll pay a bit more.

Since I'm almost willing to drive to Kansas, I'm also willing to drive pretty much anywhere in the greater LA area for a tasty, tasty buffet...

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  1. I recently tried Woodlands pure vegetarian in the Valley and was thrilled. It is really good, and all veggie. Very affordable, too.


    1. My favorite around is Shershah in Marina Del Rey. Nice selection of various foods done fairly good.

      I've also liked Clay Pit in Brentwood, All India Cafe in West LA, the Indian restaurant next to the Westside Pavillion (forgot the name) and Nawab in Santa Monica.

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        The place near the Westside Pavillion is probably Jaipur. Standard selection for buffet (usually 2-3 veggie entrees and an equal number of non-veg, plus salads, sweets and sauces), but quite good. My new local standard for Northern Indian/Mughul food.

        10916 W Pico Blvd

      2. I quite like Chandni (all veggie, but I don't like meat in Indian food), on Wilshire & 19th in Santa Monica.

        1. You might wanna try CLAY OVEN on Ventura....I think it's in Sherman Oaks. 2 or 3 block west of Van Nuys and not too far east of Sepulveda. They bring pretty good naan to your table so I skip out on getting rice. When they first seat you request Garlic Naan. It's a lot better. They always have curry goat, chicken masala, spinach, and a nice assortment of chutneys. The chai rules and they even have little bags of honey at the table for those of us/you who avoid white sugar.

          1. the INDIA RESTAURANT in artesia.

            for vegetarian indian, BOMABAY GROCERY in lomita.

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              I second the India Restaurant in Artesia. It is DELICIOUS. Buffets there are downright decadent because every taste is to die for. The regular menu is phenomenal as well.

              For vegetarian I also second Woodlands in Artesia. More upscale than the grocery or sweets and spices places for Vegetarian Dining. Back in the 90s they use to have sitar players on Fri and Sat.

              1. re: ofijr

                I third India Restaurant. Indian food is my very favorite, so naturally I've eaten at LOTS of Indian joints. This is the best.

                I live in Van Nuys and I've only been there once, but I wish I could eat there frequently.

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                  woodlands also has a branch in chatsworth, for those folks who live in the valley