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Is there a (reasonably priced) or/and bulk nut store in Vancouver ..looking for RAW nuts..

Is Save On on Kingsway my best bet? :S

I am looking to go anywhere within the GVRD /Lower Mainland. Also, how do u store them so they don't go rancid or how long does it take before it goes rancid.. are they BEST to buy in smaller quantities? Right now, I spend about $20 a week on nuts...I don't know grams/kgs/pounds but I eat approx 3 (big) handfuls a day.. and I love cashews...I just bought $5 worth of cashews yesterday at price smart and it's almost all done..

Save On
2838 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K, CA

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  1. Dollar foods on Commercial has a decent selection, as does Superstore

    1. Famous Foods on Kingsway at King Edward has tons, RAW and ROASTED.

      1. I think there's a place on Lonsdale in North Van (Ayoub's?) that I've only ever passed by, and haven't tried. They seem to have a website, if it helps: http://ayoubsdriedfruitsandnuts.com/i...

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          It looks like they are opening another location on Denman St...

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            Ayoub's on Denman?

            Dare I hope?!!!!

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              Ayoub's in North Van roasts their own nuts. They know their stuff so it is a good place to get advice.

        2. I used to buy alot from "Weigh To Go Bulk Foods" on West 41st (near Dunbar, across from the IGA) before we moved. Not sure what their pricing is like these days.

          1. If you have a Costco membership, their almonds, pecans and walnuts are raw and reasonable. They do carry cashews and mixed nuts, but they are roasted and salted.

            1. How about Galloways in Richmond? They have a huge selection of nuts and dried fruits. I've never had rancid product from there. http://gallowaysfoods.com/

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                I believe that the Richmond location is permanently closed, however the New Westminster location is open.

              2. Dan-D-Pak (aka Kitsilano Natural Foods, I believe) on West Broadway near Macdonald in Kitsilano has a good selection of raw nuts, including cashews.

                However if you go through nuts quickly, as sarahendipity said, Costco is a good place to get nuts for a great price, although I've never seen raw cashews there either. I buy their walnuts and almonds and they last awhile (I keep them refrigerated). If you spend $20 on nuts a week, then it doesn't sound like you have to worry about the nuts going rancid on you, assuming you have a fridge.

                1. Save on Foods does a good business in their bulk section so nothing is ever old in their bins. I buy my nuts from the Coquitlam store all the time and they are always fresh (my son works there and assures me it's filled every couple of days).

                  Nuts will go rancid if they are kept at too warm a temp. If I'm eating them in a couple of weeks I don't worry about it. In the summer though I put them in the fridge. For longer storage they keep about 6 months in the freezer. Seal them up tight though because they can take on the flavours of things stored next to it. This is also a good reason to be sure you are getting from a place that has good turnover. Nuts stored next to the spice section in bulk can get a nasty taste. When in doubt casually bend over and sniff the bin. :-)

                  Also I have bought bags of almonds, pecans or walnuts at Costco at a good price.

                  You might also keep an eye on the London Drugs flyers. Every now and then they get a shipment in of different raw nuts at amazing prices. It's hit and miss though.

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                    A little off topic but when they have a sale on, London Drugs can be a great source for lots of food items: canned wild salmon, Ritter Sport chocolate (on sale this week 3/$5, extra virgin olive oil, San Pelligrino, etc.

                  2. Try Skye's Nut Heaven @ 2471 E. Hastings at Nanaimo. They have great prices, selection and quality on bulk nuts, grains, organics and chocolate.

                    1. I've always been happy with the selection and pricing at Afra Bakery & Market on Pemberton in North Vancouver.

                      As an aside, they also bake fresh sangak in the back. You can sneak back there and grab a fresh one from the hooks!

                      1. Punjab Food Center at main and 50th has excellent prices on bulk nuts. If I recall correctly their walnuts are about $6/lb. They're also have exceedingly fresh cumin, cardamon and the like, plus obscure dals and greens (such as fenugreek). They rock.

                        1. I second Famous Foods (as mentioned by LotusRapper). Awesome place for bulk foods such as nuts, beans, grains. It's nice and clean and all the bulk food is already packaged and weighed. You just pick the size you want.

                          In regard to how to store... just store your nuts in the freezer.

                          1. Persia Foods. I can almost guarantee that they are cheaper than any of the places listed here (or Vancouver for that matter). You can find their locations via their website (persiafoods.ca). They have raw cashews, walnuts, and almonds (and sometimes pecans and hazelnuts) in bulk.

                            One thing to be wary of is places that mark anything per 100g. These places will usually be extremely overpriced if you calculate the price per kilogram or per pound.