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Jun 24, 2010 10:47 AM

Walter Mihms Steakhouse- Atlantic Highlands

I saw that Walter Mihms Steakhouse opened up this past Tuesday. Has anyone had the chance to try it out? We are in need of a decent steakhouse in the Northern Mon County area.

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  1. Proceed with caution- If diner BROILED steaks are for you, then you'll love this place. Otherwise, STEER CLEAR, no puns intended. You've been warned. (or go to Danny's in Red Bank).

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    1. re: sockster

      Thanks - Good info but it should not put most people off unless they just hate the steaks at Peter Luger, Ruth Chris, Smith & Wollensky, Del Frisco's, Capital Grille, BLT Steak or virtually any major steak house chains who all broil their meat.

      For most of us steak addicts the method is just one consideration a higher priority for me is in the execution, the quality of the meat, the aging (wet or dry), preparation (oil, butter, dry rub, etc.) ... I would bet 99 steak eating people out of one hundred would take a dry or wet aged broiled prime sirloin that is charred on the outside perfectly and to their exact temp inside that has a bit of salt crust over a one of the grilled shop rite sirloins I put out yesterday for was good, but the other can be great....

      If anyone goes please ask about the prep, meat quality and execution and report back...thanks!

      1. re: carlylecat

        If the steaks at Walter Mihms approached any of the places you listed above, there would have been nothing but kudos to have a place like that in Atlantic Highlands. If charring on the outside of your steak is what you're looking for, and I was, steer clear of WM. If you must know, the oysters were warm, the steak was served soft, not crusted at all, the onion rings cold...and no one really cared. Also opened a bottle of wine and the server filled our wine glass to the top. IMHO, this is a diner masquarading as a wanna be steak house....with no atmosphere at all. Looking forward to seeing future thoughts on Walter Mihms.

        1. re: sockster

          Sockster, I have to admit, I had the same thoughts of the well known NYC steakhouses as Carlycat after reading your first post on this thread. Thank you for clearing it up with an insightful, and informative review. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, and given your reasoning, I'll wait to hear more before venturing over.

          1. re: sockster

            Sorry if I misread your post, I thought you were telling us to avoid just because of how they prepare the steaks...not that they just had no clue how to prepare a steak or run a steakhouse

            1. re: carlylecat

              You know, I was trying not to be too negative to a place in it's opening week. Thus I wrote what I wrote earlier. It was a let the buyer beware post rather than a review. Even in my mini review above, I didn't write all of our thoughts as I think some of the local population will like this place. It wasn't for us or anyone looking for a true, ahem, NY Steakhouse exerience. All I can say is that this place is just not a steakhouse in the same world as any of those carlycat wrote about above....not even close.

        2. re: sockster

          Danny's steaks are not that good - for a steak house they do not know how to cook steaks - chewy, rubbery , - I have been there lots of time and have giving up on ordering steak
          I would recommend the veal chops

            1. re: keneat

              Went to Danny's the other night with my wife and daughter. Started with the Caesar salad which was not that good. I had the rib eye which I thought was okay, my daughter had the rack of lamb in which she enjoyed and my wife had the filet mignon wrapped in bacon ( she thought it was a litle over cooked). All in all it was an okay meal but nothing special. My most difficult part was waiting 15 minutes for the hostess to figure out how to validate my parking without me having to pay 10 bucks

              1. re: Gold

                But how was Walter Mihms Steakhouse???

                1. re: sockster

                  Walter Mihms Restaurant is terrible. I went there last night with a party of four and a 7:30 reservation. While we were seated three tables of two were seated after us and got their food before us. We were not served our main course until almost nine o'clock. I had the french onion soup which was good but another in my party said his soup was cold. We had to wait so long for our food that I lost my appetite from eating the soup and a breadroll.
                  Now everything is ala carte so you pay for spuds and vegetables. They do provide a salad and a few grilled veggies and some fried string onions with your main course. They also ask you if you would like a cooking spice rub on your steak, if you say yes it's an extra $3:50 but they don't tell you at the time.
                  So we are waiting for our dinner and the waitress and the owner both came by and said your dinners would be coming right out. That was about seven minutes apart and another 5-10 minutes the dinners came. Now you would think that if the chef is cooking them and they are just getting to our order that it would come out sizzling, wouldn't you? Not at this place! The porterhouse steak ,we ordered two of them, were hardly warm,not even hardly hot, but hardly warm. The two other orders were filet mignon and they were also not hot in the least. One of the filets was also undercooked. But we got our food so late we just decided to eat .The grilled veggies served with the steak were cold.
                  This place has no ambience to speak of and I wouldn't care IF the steak was served hot and sizzling. But it wasn't. It was so mushy that the marbled fat that brings the taste to a piece of beef, when piping hot,was coagulating.
                  I will never waste my money in this joint again. NEVER. And anyone who is reading this go to Costco and buy a steak and grill it yourself because this place is pretending to be a steakhouse, but its a schlockhouse! I rate this place with negative stars if I could.

          1. We made a trip to the flakey tart this morning, which was great as always. We passed this place and my wife said we should check it out. Which means I go right to chow. Needless to say I we won't be trying it. I have only been to one worthy storehouse in NJ since moving here in 2004. A little farther north, check out Steakhouse85 in New Brunswick. IMHO, the best NY style Steakhouse in NJ

            1. After reading these reviews, I was somewhat afraid to try Walter Mihms. So when my husband and I walked in last night, we expected nothing and were very pleasantly surprised. Yes--it is true that potatoes are extra, but entrees do come with a nice salad as well as some frizzled onions (made fresh--very good) and grilled vegetables. The prices of the steak are reasonable enough so that if you wanted to add a baked potato for #3.95 (and their baked potatoes are quite fancy) it doesn't break the bank.

              No..this is not a Smith & Wollensky or Ruths Chris quality place. It's a small local restaurant. But my husband's filet mignon was excellent and cooked to perfection (and he's very fussy about his steak). My burger was great and the fries were hot and made fresh. The service took their time; but they were receptive. And my husband's steak AND my burger were both charred on the outside. It was crowded and the ambiance was fine...better than a diner!

              Walter Mihm's did open in the early summer at the height of the season. The only thing I can think of for all these bad reviews is that they were still working out all the kinks. But I will definitely be back.

              1. I've had dinner here twice, and if you're expectations are in line with what it is, you can be satisfied. It's not in the mold of the Ruth Chris or Smith and Wollensky, but it's also far less expensive. I had a porterhouse the other night that was $24, not the $50 I'd expect to pay in the city. I didn't add any sides, but it comes with a salad, veggies and the sides aren't $12 as you'd see at a higher end place. Fairly certain I'd spend more if I bought the steak at Whole Foods and grilled it myself.

                I agree that it's got the vibe of a lower end place, but the service was extremely friendly at the bar (I think it was the lady manager who was working the bar both visits) and it's nice to have the option along this stretch of 36.

                1. Went there last night to give it a try. I ordered the soup which was a mushroom barley, it was very bland no taste really. Main course was the porterhouse and a baked potato. The steak was previously frozen imo, not at all a "steakhouse quality". It was cooked correctly however.

                  One thing I thought was very funny, I asked the server if I could get some chimichurri to go with my steak, she never heard of that before, but would ask the chef if he could make some. She returned a moment later and said the chef didn't have the Ingredients to make it. I'm no chef, but as far as I know it's only a few things that most kitchens would have. I just thought it was funny a steakhouse had no idea about about chimi.

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                  1. re: jerseyfooddude

                    Apparently the steakhouse did in fact know about chimichurri. Why you'd expect that they have it or would stop in the middle of service to make a special batch just because it's a steakhouse is a bit perplexing.

                    What leads you to believe they are serving steaks that have been frozen? There's almost no reason why a restaurant would have to freeze steak.

                    1. re: tommy

                      The server actually had never even heard of it which to me seems odd as most steakhouses I have been to typically offer it. And yes, I was curious if the chef would be able to make a batch.

                      It's only a few common kitchen items needed to make it and the restaurant was only serving one other table besides me so I was not of the impression the chef would be in the weeds at that point.

                      When a steak is frozen the texture of the meat changes. The steak I had matched the texture of a previously frozen piece of meat, again imo.

                      1. re: jerseyfooddude

                        Servers aren't students of food culture. I'm never really surprised that a server doesn't know as much about food as I do. It was odd the server didn't know about it because you have been to steak houses that have it? How would you experiences in steakhouses affect the server's knowledge?

                        Where are these steakhouses that typically offer it? Most? Luger? Smith and Wollensky?

                        1. re: tommy

                          Smith and Wollensky, that is a darned good burger.

                          1. re: Picnicchef

                            Luger is a darned good burger. S&M is an above average burger. ;-)

                      2. re: tommy

                        Wouldn't one reason to freeze a steak be to preserve it if they are not going through it as quickly? Rather than throw it away, freeze it and defrost when needed. Isn't this why so many restaurants use frozen foods rather than fresh?

                          1. re: MichelleM131

                            Maybe at a restaurant that does not specialize in steaks, but an establishment that bills itself as a "Steakhouse" should not be peddling frozen meat.

                            1. re: equal_Mark

                              Agreed. I was neither promoting nor excusing the practice, simply stating a response to Tommy's statement that "There's almost no reason why a restaurant would have to freeze steak."

                              1. re: MichelleM131

                                Steak doesn't go bad in one day. Or 2 days. And if left on the subprimal, 28-60 days, give or take.