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What's good in downtown Orlando?

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Don't need anything in Disney or Universal...something good, open to anything, in downtown Orlando.

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  1. Start in this thread, and feel free to ask more questions if you still don't see anything you like:


    1. search, there are about 10 threads already. Go to Hue or Boheme.

      Boheme Restaurant
      325 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

      1. Kres or Boheme for fine dining. Dexter's or Shari for casual. One of the Vietnamese places for cheap eats.

        Boheme Restaurant
        325 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

        1. when i go to downtown orlando, i like to go to bento, although their service is iffy, i like how its relatively cheap and you can get your parking validated and also you can go next door to mochi frozen yogurt for some yogurt for cheap for dessert. though its not the "best", its where i find myself going most often. usually i get the chirashi bowl or chicken teriyaki or spicy seafood noodle soup.

          for better sushi downtown go to shin sushi, for cheap happy hour sushi go to shari, for chinese go to ming bistro, for steak, kres chophouse is popular, and definitely check out...

          the link above by bigbadvoodoolou, its also very helpful, shout out to yosemite sam for thinking of us !


          1. I like Ceviche but i hear the service can be hit or miss. Luckly I've always had good service there.

            1. Blue Smoke Burger Bar that just opened in the old Black Olive location on Pine is good. We did go on the 2nd day of them being open and the service was a little off, but the food was really good. My co-worker went again over the weekend and said the food was still very good and sounds like the service got better.

              Black Olive
              , Orlando, FL 32801