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Jun 24, 2010 10:24 AM

Irving Four Seasons - Where to eat?

I'll be at a convention at the Four Seasons Las Colinas without a car. Anything notable close by would be greatly appreciated. Local flavor, barbecue, ethnic, anything interesting. Also, is walking from the hotel completely out of the question?

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  1. There's a pretty decent restaurant in the hotel ... a bit variable, but I still remember the foie gras with strawberry-vanilla risotto I had there. If you get tired of that, Via Real I believe is within walking distance. Near the Tom Thumb down the street is a Japanese place where I used to eat lunch when I worked over there. Good tempura & teriyaki ... I'd usually get the bento special, whatever it was. There used to be a Sonny Bryan's (BBQ) there too--but it's not very good. I certainly wouldn't walk for it in this weather. A little ways down MacArthur the other way is Cool River--that may be too far to walk. Kinda depends on how impervious to the heat you are. Further in that direction is a Dickey's BBQ, considerably better IMO than Sonny Bryan's. There's a crepe place there too (by Tom Thumb and the Japanese place) that I wasn't terribly impressed with.

    Does the hotel perhaps have a shuttle that will take you where you want to go?

    Via Real
    4020 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving, TX 75038

    1. Commentary: If we don't get a break on heat, I believe walking anywhere is completely out of the question. Is calling a cab an option - it would open up more options as Four Seasons is in a no-man's-land for a decent variety of restaurants?

      I would second Via Real and ditto skipping on the crepe place - I believe it's called Joan d'Arc? For bbq, skip Dicky's and Sonny Bryans - go another mile north to Red, Hot and Blue, a chain, but better than the other 2 and if you're a catfish person, they do pretty good catfish filets. At the other end of that center is The Keg - steaks and burgers.

      Via Real
      4020 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving, TX 75038

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      1. re: CocoaNut

        See, I like Dickey's better than Red, Hot & Blue ;) Isn't RHB more Tennessee-style, and Dickey's more Texas? Haven't had the catfish ...

        I think that place that did pretty nice flatbread pizzas a few doors down from RHB is gone, is that right?

        Via Real is esp good if you're a fish person ... the carne asada is pretty good if you're not.

        Via Real
        4020 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving, TX 75038

        1. re: foiegras

          Agreed on RHB - v Dickey's. RHB has a lot of emphasis on pork (Memphis) whereas Dickies is more about the beef brisket. Not sure if RHB even has beef on the menu??? Don't know about the flatbread place. The spinach quesadillas and/or enchiladas are very good at VR, but then I'm biased as I love spinach.

        2. re: CocoaNut

          Thanks for the tips. I think the hotel has a first come/first serve shuttle and I don't mind taking a cab. As far as barbecue, I'm definitely more interested in Texas style brisket as all we have in NC is pork cue.

          1. re: veganhater

            Please don't judge Sonny Bryan's or Dickeys as the standard of TX (beef) bbq. Both used to be single location, family owned places serving very good bbq. They have since franchised and their "products" have suffered as a result.

            1. re: veganhater

              The brisket and most else at Dickey's is awful. You would be better off ordering brisket at Red Hot n Blue.

              1. re: Azn Gorger

                If you just want a BBQ sandwich for lunch, it's just fine. I get the chopped beef sandwich, which is not weird little leftover pieces--they slice & chop the brisket in front of you. It's certainly not a destination, but it is right down the street from where you'll be staying.

          2. Here's a link to a recent article in D Magazine about Dallas area barbecue. I haven't been to any of them and this is not an endorsement --- just information!