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Jun 24, 2010 09:28 AM

Need lunch recommendations, have 6 hours to kill before flight at FLL on July 4th

We have 6 hours between dropping off our rental car and flying out of FLL on July 4th and would appreciate good lunch spots. I'm traveling with an older relative so non-adventurous lunch ideas would fit us best. Not looking to spend over $14 an entree for lunch, or dine at chain restaurants. Simple, good food would fit the bill.

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  1. Try Anthony's Runway 84, great Italian food.

    Anthony's Runway 84
    330 W State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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      South Beach Cafe
      121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

      1. Grampa's Bakery has good food and service. I've eaten there several times, and they catered my wedding. Ask if Debra is working, she's their best waitress. They are about 2 miles south of the airport so the cab ride will be cheep. Then you can walk accross the road to Jackson's Ice Cream or take a stroll down us1 and browse the antique shops.

        Grampa's Bakery & Restaurant
        17 SW 1st St, Dania, FL 33004

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        1. re: KATE123

          Went to Grampa's yesterday -- worst diner-type meal EVER!

          I got fish and chips from the specials menu -- over cooked, inedible, hard- crusted fish, just barely this side of burned, dripping -- literally dripping! -- with grease. Copious amounts of frozen crinkle-cut fries, just off the Sysco truck, tasteless and undercooked. You know your fish and chips meal is a disaster when the malt vinegar is the best part!

          My lady had the cheeseburger. Previously frozen restaurant-services-truck quality, on a stale bun that disintegrated whenever she picked it up. Her fries were the same quality as mine -- but I got more! Lucky her!

          The waitress was rude, short-tempered, and I had to actually hunt her down for a check so we could escape.

          This place is living off their DDD moment of fame -- the 8 minute video plays over and over and over in the restaurant. If only someone was watching the Fryolater instead of the redundant video! This place doesn't need Guy Fieri -- it needs Gordon Ramsey.

          Grampa's Bakery & Restaurant
          17 SW 1st St, Dania, FL 33004

        2. That's enough time to take the Tri-Rail N or S some distance, and return in time. I'm curious about why you are dropping off the rental car so early; is it to avoid an extra day's charge? Often the car companies will give you a couple hours grace period, or a few hours for a partial day rate, if you negotiate it in advance.

          1. Mr. Nicks - great little sandwich shop on Andrews. However you order from a window and must sit outside. Great sandwiches though - I highly recommend the chizzer.

            Or take a quick cab ride down to the beach and have a nice lunch at Coconuts overlooking the intercoastal. Always a great meal in a relaxing atmosphere.